How to Stop Windows Updates in Windows 10

Some say they get something for the one thing Microsoft gave. The most controversial thing Microsoft did with Windows 8 was to remove the Start Menu for the Start Screen, which is better for touch users. Windows 10, the company’s latest operating system, has added back the Start Screen and arguably made something more controversial. You may have noticed that your Windows 10 PC always feels like it is installing updates and patches. There is no way to stop windows updates in windows 10. At least not until recently.

Microsoft plans to start rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update soon. There are a few nice-to-have features hidden inside software refresh. Some apps have new options and features. Cortana voice commands can be used to shut down your computer or start listening to music. Probably the most important new feature added to Windows 10 Creators Update is the ability to stop Windows updates in Windows 10.

Here’s how to temporarily stop Windows updates in Windows 10.

Eager to run the current version of Windows on as many computers as possible, this won’t stop you from getting new updates forever, but it will help you avoid major updates while you’re working on a project or just in case you can’t. No worries about Windows updates.

Here’s how to stop Windows updates in Windows 10.

How to Stop Windows Updates in Windows 10: What is Windows Update?

Before you start stopping Windows updates in Windows 10, you should fully understand what Windows Updates are. You need to understand exactly what you are preventing it from doing to your machine.

Windows Updates range from minor code changes to major code changes that are installed on your computer after installing Windows. Sometimes these updates are so minor that they can be downloaded in a matter of minutes. These are usually security updates and patches. Microsoft makes them available on a regular basis. Sometimes you get driver updates as part of a series of Windows Updates. These driver updates are designed to help the hardware inside your PC run better. Sometimes they fix problems caused by other updates.

Then there are bigger updates. These are probably the reason why you are interested in trying to stop Windows updates in Windows 10. These larger updates may add and remove features. They can give your computer new capabilities and offer options that make it more power efficient. In some cases, they can also break your computer or a certain feature you like.

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Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to stop Windows updates as you might miss a security patch or driver update that makes your computer more secure or reliable. That being said, sometimes you’re comfortable with what you have. There are times when it’s okay to find a power outlet and stop what you’re doing to handle Windows updates.

How to Stop Windows Updates in Windows 10: Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update is the third major upgrade to Windows 10 since 2015. It gives everyone, not just businesses, the option to stop Windows updates on Windows 10. But from the moment you use the button, you have time to borrow. Microsoft lets you pause Windows updates in Windows 10, but it doesn’t stop them completely.

Once flipped, the switch to stop windows updates in Windows 10 will stay flipped for a week. You have the option to go back and turn them back on at any time during this break. A week later, Windows 10 turns on Windows updates again. It forces you to do it before disabling pending updates for another week.

To be clear, Microsoft is trying to provide a feature that users clearly want while achieving its goal of keeping most users on the latest version.

How to Stop Windows Updates in Windows 10

Open the Start Screen or Start Menu on your device by tapping or clicking the Windows button on the taskbar. You can also press the Windows button on your keyboard.

From the Start Screen or the Start Menu, tap or click the cog in the lower left corner of your screen. This shortcut opens the Settings app. You can also search for the Settings app in the search bar built into the taskbar.

Tap or click .

The first thing you should see is the Windows Update area. To the right is a list of updates that need to be installed, if any. You’ll see a notification here if it’s time to restart your computer due to a pending update already installed. If the updates you already see in the list are OK, let them finish installing and get here after your computer restarts.

Tap or click the link when you’re ready to stop Windows Updates in Windows 10.

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Now look for the key labeled in the middle of your screen. If you’re sure you want to stop Windows updates for a full week in Windows 10, tap or click the switch. Note the date listed under the key. This is the day your Windows 10 PC will automatically turn updates back on.

Good luck trying to stop windows updates in windows 10. This is a temporary Band-Aid, but hopefully this will give you an opportunity to delay updates until they are more convenient for you and your device.

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