How to Stop Junk Mail Subscriptions on iOS 10

Here is a guide on how to use iOS 10 to unsubscribe from mailing lists in the stock Mail app.

During our days we often spend time deletion unwanted mailing list and spam emails. There are lots of third-party solutions to delete or to obstruct these are the ones that just arrived in iOS 10, Apple including Mail detects such emails and unsubscribe joyful.

This feature is a very welcome addition to iOS 10 when we receive the same emails over and over from a random source and find that we waste time deleting websites or unsubscribing.

How to Stop Junk Mail Subscriptions on iOS 10

Here’s how Mail removed you from junk mailing lists in iOS 10.

Watch the video above to learn more about removing unnecessary subscriptions from your Mail app.

Unsubscribe from Junk Mail

The best part about this new iOS 10 feature is that it has automatic and junk mailing list emails. You will notice if you get a certain mailing list that frequently spams your inbox, you will see that Mail now identifies them and notifies you as such.

When you receive a mailing list item, you will see a closeable text above the field that says “This Post is from a Mailing List”. Just below that, a touchable link

this will open a confirmation dialog to recheck your decision. Unsubscribing will send the appropriate response back to the sender and you should no longer use these spam messages.


You’ll still need the message if you don’t want it in your inbox, but now there’s one more step you need to perform by going to a site to unsubscribe from these small mailing lists.

This is very important for those of us who somehow like every spam email list and can now hopefully walk away from them when they arrive.

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