How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

There is an iCloud Calendar Spam issue on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple finally understands the problem and plans to take steps to fix it, but there are things you can do to stop iPhone spam calendar invites.

We’ve been flooded with iCloud calendar invites for knockout items like Ray Ban, Uggs, and other trendy brands. These pop up as a notification and remain as a balloon notification in the Calendar app on iPhone and iPad until you accept or reject them.

You shouldn’t do either of these, as both options inform the spammer that your email address is real and a target to monitor for future iCloud calendar spam invitations.

Put an end to iCloud spam on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

We’re also seeing an increase in iCloud Photo Sharing spam, which comes with annoying ads coming in as fake photo sharing notifications.

Apple is finally addressing this issue by stating that they are working on it, but for now you need to fix this issue on your own.

How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

There are two ways to stop calendar spam. The easiest is to move it to a calendar you’ve deleted, but you can also turn off iCloud Calendar invitations to the app. The second option will email all your invites, even the ones you want to see, but if you get a lot of iCloud Calendar spam, this might be the best option.

  1. Open your iPhone Calendar
  2. Tap Calendars
  3. Tap Edit, then tap Add a calendar under iCloud.
  4. Name this Spam and tap done.
  5. Go back to the home screen and tap the spam invite.
  6. Tap the calendar and then select the Spam calendar.
  7. Go back to the home screen and tap the calendars at the bottom.
  8. Tap edit in the top left.
  9. Tap Spam and scroll down to delete the calendar.

If you have multiple invites, you can add them to this at once, otherwise you’ll have to do this every time you get iCloud spam invites.

Put an end to iPhone calendar spam.

Put an end to iPhone calendar spam.

Users who receive a large number of iCloud spam invitations can go to the iCloud website and change the setting so that these invitations go to your email instead of your calendar.

  1. Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID
  2. Click Calendar.
  3. Then in Settings in the bottom left.
  4. Click Preferences.
  5. Choose Advanced.
  6. Click Email “To Your Email” and then click Save.
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That’s all you need to do to stop calendar spam on iPhone, iPad and MacBook. If you don’t use iCloud calendar at all, you can also turn off iCloud calendar in your iPhone settings, but this is something you need to make sure you want to do before proceeding, especially if you share accounts with your family.

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