How to start your Android smartphone faster?

The advantage of Android is that when we detect something is wrong or is too slow, we always find a way to speed things up. There is always a hack, an app that will do what you want. This time is about the beginning of a smartphone, we remind you It is recommended to restart your smartphone from time to time.

Unfortunately, this initialization takes a lot of time, as is the case with smartphones sold by a carrier, for example. Often in addition to the Android boot animation, the manufacturer adds the operator boot animation at the very end. the operation can be long. That’s why we decided to give you a tip to start your smartphone faster.

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There are several methods for this, first of all, you should know that HTC has implemented an option to start your smartphone faster. Then if this isn’t possible locally, it can be done using root.

How to Enable Fast Launch on HTC

You should know that HTC has set up a quick launch option, it’s available at least until the HTC one M8. To activate, nothing can be easier than this, just go to settings and then “power” then enable “fast startup” at the bottomYou will find that your smartphone will start much faster.

Other smartphones also have this type of quickstart, this is especially true for OnePlus One, for this you have to enable developer options by clicking the build number a few times, then in developer options you need to enable fastboot mode.

fast boot

How to enable fast startup with root

First of all, you need to root your smartphone, which we have explained everything here, and you have the Kingo Root application that does it very well. Once this is done you will need to add or change a line in the build.prop. build.prop is the ID card of the device. It has some system information and some settings.

Various options to modify this file, either thanks to an application or by a file explorer, but you will be prompted to be root each time. Best for me is to use a file explorer, you have Es File Explorer which has a root option. root scanner which is very effective.

Then you have to open your file explorer and

  • go to the “system” folder
quick start
  • Search for the build.prop file.
quick start2
  • Click on it to replace it with a text editor. Then go to the bottom and add the following line:
  • To go even faster, you can also disable the boot animation by adding:
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Then save the file and restart your smartphone. This should normally start faster.

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