How to Start an Xbox Live Party on Xbox One

Starting an Xbox Live party isn’t just an essential skill. Truth be told, if you don’t know what an Xbox Live Party is or how to create one, you’re missing out on what Xbox One has to offer. The party system is how you connect with other people. Parties on Xbox One let you play your favorite games with friends or strangers if you want, while communicating easily with each other.

For the new Xbox One Experience, Microsoft tried to prioritize the tasks users do regularly. A new Guide appears on the right side of the screen, allowing you to quickly access a limited amount of console settings, send messages, catch apps, and view your friend’s activity. Xbox Live Parties are also among these easily accessible options.

Here’s how to start Xbox Live Party on Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest video game and entertainment console.

Before You Begin

Before we get started, there are some things you should know. First, the Xbox One console we’re using in this tutorial runs Microsoft’s New Xbox One Experience. The software is very, very different from the software the Xbox One originally came with.

If you are connected to Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service, you are automatically prompted to download the New Xbox One Experience over your internet connection. This update is now required to access Xbox Live; turning it off forces your games to play offline. If offline online play is for you, skip this tutorial. The party system is specifically for communicating with friends over Xbox Live. It won’t work without an Xbox Live connection.

Creating and joining a Party is something Microsoft requires users to have an Xbox Live subscription service. Xbox Live Gold allows users to download certain games each month at no additional cost and play games with other people on Xbox Live. Xbox Live Gold costs $9.99 per month or $60 per year.

What is Xbox Live Party?

Xbox Live Parties are really like hangout areas. On Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox on Windows, you can create a room where only you and your friends can voice chat. Each of you can do this in a game or an app. In the last few months, Microsoft has worked to connect the Xbox One to the Windows platform. Now users can start a Party Chat with their friends even while playing PC game. This is because Microsoft plans to allow Xbox One and Windows users to play side-by-side in some upcoming games. fairy tale legends and colossal are examples of these.

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How to Start an Xbox Live Party

With your Xbox One console turned on, double-tap the glowing Xbox logo on your Xbox Wireless Controller.

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Welcome to the Guide. The guide provides information and quick links you need to know throughout Xbox One settings. OneGuide always takes you to your profile first when you log in. Use the left joystick to move through the spaces until you reach the Party area of ​​the guide. This is the third icon from the top.

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Use the joystick and A button on your controller to select Xbox Live, your request will take a few minutes to process, then you’ll be in an Xbox Live Party on your own. If you have a Kinect sensor or microphone plugged into your Xbox One controller, you should assume your microphone is turned on from the moment you press the Start Party button. Note that Microsoft has an enforcement team that punishes those who break the rules.

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Now that you are on Xbox Live Party, you will need to invite some friends. You can invite anyone on your friends list by selecting the Invite option and selecting their gamertag from the drop-down list.

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By default, Microsoft makes all Xbox Live Parties joinable. This means that anyone who sees you’re at a party can come in and start chatting, provided they’re on your friends list. Select to lock your Xbox Live Party only to people you invite.

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As long as there is a party you have created, you are the Party owner. This means that only you can decide who enters. If your friends are ready to jump into a game together, you can switch if you want to focus on what you’re playing.

Finally, remember that you don’t necessarily need a microphone to join an Xbox Live Party. Anyone can join a group and send text messages using the Text Chat view of the Group area. If you’re going to seriously rely on Text Chat, remember that it’s better to have an Xbox One ChatPad or a device equipped with the SmartGlass app.

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Good luck getting started with Xbox Live Parties. Note that everyone in your party will need Xbox Live Gold to join. Also, before you send your friends a Party invite, pay attention to what they’re doing on Xbox Live, they might be doing something other than gaming.

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