How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location on iPhone and Android

You can fake your Pokémon Go location to catch more Pokémon without leaving your couch. You’ll have to spoof iPhone location or Android location, and it’s more complicated than you might think. Choosing to use a fake Pokémon Go location can also result in a ban, so use it wisely.

Niantic is issuing permanent bans for users caught using some Pokémon Go cheats, so use this at your own risk. The latest punishment comes in the form of a soft ban that basically hides all good monsters if Niantic thinks you’re cheating.

Here’s what you need to know about spoofing your Pokémon Go location using a jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android phone. There are even Pokémon Go hacks for hatching eggs without walking, and a non-root way to fake your Pokémon Go GPS location on Android.

Pokémon Go uses GPS to determine where you are and find out what Pokémon are nearby. There are iPhone and Android apps that let you spoof your location using GPS coordinates. This is also called leaking your location.

We’ve added information on how to run your Pokémon character while sitting in one place; this can help you hatch Pokémon eggs and get close enough to a Pokéstop to collect. This is as close as possible to using a fake Pokémon Go location without jailbreak or root.

In addition to legitimate Pokémon Go cheats that can change your location, you’ll also need to know where the Pokémon are with their GPS coordinates unless you plan on trying a bunch of random locations.

We’ve seen developer pressure on Pokémon Go cheats, including multi-account hacks and Botting, through bans and restrictions. We’re also seeing penalties for players who link their accounts to tools that automatically check their IV Pokémon level.

How to spoof Pokémon Go location and a very important caveat if you decide to spoof your iPhone location or Android location.

Users on older versions of iOS can use a jailbreak to spoof Pokémon Go GPS locations. This should continue to work on iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak and iOS 10 jailbreak, but overall compatibility may change as jailbreak apps become incompatible and Niantic returns. There is no iOS 11.4 jailbreak available.

You can jailbreak your iPhone and install these apps to hide your jailbreak and spoof your iPhone location. If you’re using Android, you can root your phone and use a tool to hide that it’s rooted.

Why do you need to hide that you’ve changed your Pokémon Go location? Pokémon Go rules state:

do not do that. Play fair. Pokémon GO is meant to be played on a mobile device and takes you out to explore your world! Methods of deception, unfortunately, are limited only by the imagination of scammers, but at a minimum they include: using modified or unofficial software; play on multiple accounts (one account per player please); share accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or sales/trading accounts.

If you are caught using Pokémon Go cheats, you may receive a warning, be suspended or account terminated.

Note that if you use a Pokémon Go cheat to change your location, even if you jailbreak or unroot, the company may take it on their side.

Niantik now shares a way to appeal a Pokémon Go ban for “falsifying your location, using emulators, using modified or unofficial software, and/or accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends without authorization, including the use of third-party software.”

If you think your Pokémon Go ban is not justified, you can: contact the company using this form to defend your case.

How to Cheat Pokémon Go GPS Location Without Root

You can spoof your Pokémon Go GPS location on Android without root. This option will not work on iPhone so don’t try and pay for fake GPS apps in iPhone’s app store as they won’t work.

Download a GPS spoofing app from: Google Play store. There are some free apps and some paid apps. Look for GPS Joystick or Fake GPS Go or Fake GPS Joystick apps. Choose one and make sure you have Pokémon Go installed.

Turn on developer mode to emulate Pokémon Go GPS location without root.

Turn on developer mode to emulate Pokémon Go GPS location without root.

On Android you need to enable developer options. . Once this is done, “You are now a developer!” Message.

Enable Fake GPS location app to change your phone's location.

Enable Fake GPS location app to change your phone’s location.

Go back to the settings menu and save the . Here, no matter which or which fake GPS app you choose.

Now open the Fake GPS Joystick app and change your location. This will also launch a small joystick on the screen. You can set a remote location or bring the Joystick to your screen and then use it to navigate Pokémon Go.

Use this app to spoof your Pokémon Go GPS location without root.  It actually lets you move around without moving.

Use this app to spoof your Pokémon Go GPS location without root. It actually lets you move around without moving.

Start the Pokémon and you will now be in the new location. You can use the joystick to move around in that position without moving.

Beware as some users report that the app will revert to their real location from time to time. If this happens while Pokémon Go is open, you could be banned as it’s a sign that you’re spoofing your location.

Step 1. Jailbreak or Root Your Phone

Due to changes in the iOS, Cydia, and jailbreak community, we can’t confirm that this cheat still works in Pokémon Go, so proceed with your own caution on the iPhone.

The first thing you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android phone. Depending on your software and phone, this may not be possible or may involve many steps. Jailbreaking an iPhone on iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 10 is easier than it usually is. Root Galaxy S7 and other recent phones.

Step 2. Hide Your Jailbreak or Root

Make sure that the Pokémon Go app cannot see your jailbreak.

Make sure that the Pokémon Go app cannot see your jailbreak.

The Pokémon Go app will check if you’re jailbroken or rooted, and if you are, the app will go crazy and won’t work. This is an effort to stop scammers and prevent users from faking where Pokémon go.

To hide your jailbreak, you need to install tsProtector on your iPhone. This is now a paid app that prevents Pokémon Go from knowing you’ve been jailed. Use this guide to add the correct repository and download the jailbreak protector. For tsProtector 8+ you have to pay $1.99.

If you need to buy this tweak and you’re running iOS 9.3.3, Cydia won’t let you do it without a workaround. Use the video above or this guide to buy Cydia apps without waiting on iOS 9.3.3.

You can try on Android Hide my root or search for other apps or tweaks XDA.

Step 3. Download Location Spoofing App for iPhone or Android

Now you need to download an app to spoof your iPhone location or spoof your GPS on Android.

On iPhone, the best Cydia app to spoof your iPhone location is LocationFaker. Here is a guide on how to set up and use LocationFaker for iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. This app is $2.99 ​​in the Cydia store. If you’re using iOS 9.3.3, you’ll need to use the same workaround shown above to purchase it on Cydia.

A new PokémonGoAnywhere jailbreak tweak lets you tap your screen to get around Pokémon Go.

You will need to add to your sources on Cydia to use this app. Then search for PokemonGoAnywhere. Install this on your iPhone and restart Springboard. Once this is done, you can open Pokémon Go and you will see options to navigate the map at different speeds by tapping it.

You can check a number of other jailbreak apps To help with your Pokémon Go cheats on Reddit.

On Android you need to download Fake Location Spoofer Free to your phone.

Step 4. Catch All

After installing all these apps on a jailbroken iPhone or a rooted Android device, you should be able to use the app to spoof your location, then log into Pokémon Go and see Pokémon in other locations.

This works, but if you get caught it can cost your account and all your progress.

How to Spoof Pokémon Go Location Without Jailbreak or Root

You can spoof the Pokémon Go location without jailbreak or root, but this is only a minor scam and has limited use. You can use this to make your character walk while you’re away, which will hatch from eggs, and you can also use it to get close to Pokéstops just outside your location.

Fake Pokémon Go location without root on Android.

Fake Pokémon Go location without root on Android.

On Android you only need to translate the location to the device. This uses GPS only on your device and that means your location can move frequently. This can cause your in-game character to walk a lot while you are at a desk.


This will affect other location-based apps, so you might want to change it again when you’re done. A user on Reddit reports this caused his character to walk 1.7 km while sitting at a desk. The distance walked will vary depending on your location and GPS accuracy.

You can’t change this setting on the iPhone, but users are reporting that if you press the home button and use another app for a few minutes and then return, it can cause your character to run around and add distance to the hatched eggs. It’s not as good as on Android, but it can help you at work or school.

Technically using these methods while cheating on a Pokémon Go will not cause you to lose your account like the previous methods did.

How to Use Pokémon Go While Driving or Driving

Pokémon Go has locks that prevent you from playing while driving, which is great for safety but can limit your ability to play as a passenger. You can try several ways to circumvent this issue which still works in June 2018.

Open Pokémon Go on Apple Watch and start a workout in the app. Now you have to travel slowly in a vehicle. This could be in an Uber in traffic or even in a golf cart. Be sure to move your watch up and down slowly as you move. This can do a lot of mileage over time.

You can also drop an Incense that can help Pokémon spawn for you while traveling, and you can even catch them while they’re moving faster than the speedlock.

These may not work every time, but they’re a good way to get the extra miles and are worth a try when you’re a passenger.

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