How to share your smartphone’s internet connection (Android or iPhone)

How to share your link from Android or iPhone

A very practical option Android and on iPhone, link sharing It allows you to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi access point. Your computer, tablet or any other device will be able to use the mobile plan to connect to the internet provided it has sufficient data envelope. Here’s how to quickly configure internet connection sharing from your smartphone to another device.

Android and iOS make it easy to turn your smartphone into a WiFi, Bluetooth and USB router. Then we can use 5G/4G mobile data as internet connection and share it with other devices. WiFi, Bluetooth, USB… each connection method has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account on a case-by-case basis.

One Wi-Fi connection sharingYour smartphone creates a private wireless network whose name and password you can choose. Other devices connect to it like any other wireless router. The advantage of this connection method is its simplicity. The downside is that you don’t have comprehensive control over who can connect to it (MAC filtering, for example). Therefore, it is necessary to define a strong password to prevent possible excessive data consumption.

THE Bluetooth tethering It is based on the features of this technology. Bluetooth signal range is relatively short, limiting the risk of unwanted connections. You also need to pair the devices to connect to your Bluetooth network. In general, it is possible to connect to only one device via Bluetooth.

THE USB connecting Changes the behavior of your smartphone’s USB port. So when you connect your smartphone to your computer, it detects a new network card and installs the drivers, at least during the first connection.

Once the configuration is complete, the connection can be established. This method is the safest because it is impossible to connect via USB without your knowledge, and the absence of a wireless network limits the risk of hacking.

To do this, first check that data is enabled and WiFi is disabled. Then, the process may differ slightly depending on the brand of smartphone you use. But you should easily find the right options.

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  • Go Settings
  • Then go there Connections >Mobile hotspot (Title may vary depending on Android layer)
  • If you can’t find the option, just use the search bar in Settings. Add keywords access points Or Do not share the line.

Android linkAndroid link

The rest depends on the sharing mode you want to use: WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. WiFi sharing is the simplest option to set up and easiest to use.


  • To touch mobile hotspot
  • If this is your first post, you need to: Configure Wi-Fi hotspot to select the access point name, password and security option

Access point configurationAccess point configuration

Note: It is strongly recommended not to make the selection, even if the interface allows it. none/on for key security. As at home, go for something fairly secure like WPA2. And a sufficiently complex password, especially in public places.

  • activate wireless port

Once tethering is configured, you will no longer need to go into settings to enable mobile hotspot. It is possible to do this from the status bar (swipe down the notification bar with two fingers). Then long press the “Access Point” or “Connection” icon.

Activate linkActivate link

Bluetooth or USB

Activation is done from the same Share menu (Settings > Connections > Mobile hotspot / Connection). So enable the option you want. Note that your smartphone must be plugged in to enable USB pairing. If you are using Windows, the computer will automatically recognize the smartphone as a modem.

note : It is not possible to share the internet connection from Android to Mac via USB.

Sharing Internet connection from iPhone

Link sharing on iPhone is even simpler. By default, iOS creates an access point name that looks like this: “From iPhone [nom de votre appareil]”. For initial configuration, simply define a password and security.

  • To get started, turn off WiFi and turn on mobile data on your iPhone.
  • Go Settings > Tethering
  • Press Wireless network password To change the access point’s security key.
  • Then enable the option Authorize other users
  • On the same page you will find instructions for connecting via Bluetooth or USB.

iPhone connectioniPhone connection

Also enable the option if you want Maximize compatibility. It allows you to disable 5GHz WiFi for better coverage and better compatibility with devices that only support 2.4GHz connection. However, maximum theoretical flow rates are less important. In most cases you will not need to enable this option.

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Finally, once connection sharing is configured, you won’t need to access the settings every time. All you have to do is activate “Connection Sharing” from the control center.

Sharing your internet connection from a smartphone consumes a lot of battery. Some smartphones can limit this by automatically turning off the access point when no devices are connected.

In other cases, to maintain some autonomy, plug in your smartphone when using tethering. Whether via mains, external battery or via your computer. Don’t forget to manually turn off sharing when it’s no longer needed.