How to Share Xbox One Game Clips to YouTube

Share Xbox One gameplay clips on YouTube and skip telling long stories about your greatest achievements in your favorite games. Here’s how to do it.

Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X all have GameDVR. This software feature is what makes it possible to share Xbox One game clips to YouTube, Xbox Live, and Mixer. Whenever you are playing games, your console will automatically save the footage and save it temporarily. If you want to share Xbox One gameplay clips, all you have to do is tell your console to save the recording instead of deleting what happened.

Saving Xbox One Game Clips

Sharing your Xbox One gameplay clips on YouTube starts with recording the footage itself. GameDVR is always working for you in the background. You just have to say which moments you want to record and how long you will make your clips.

Press the glow on your Xbox One Controller. This opens the Xbox Guide on the left side of your screen.

Use the joystick on your controller to select the menu in the Xbox Guide. It’s the second icon on the right side of the grid.

Now choose from the menu.

Use the settings on the right to customize GameDVR. You can make your clips longer or shorter, but know that longer clips will take up more space on your console.

Because storage and performance can affect your gameplay, Microsoft limits the resolution of Game DVR recordings depending on the Xbox One you have. Xbox One and Xbox One S can switch to 1080p video recording, but this will limit your recording time to two minutes. You can share 4K Xbox One game clips to YouTube with the Xbox One X. Adding an external hard drive to any Xbox can extend your maximum recording time.

Exit the Settings app and open your favorite game. Press the Xbox logo on your controller to record a video clip to share. Then press the button. Your console will notify you when it saves your clip. If you’re wearing a chat headset, say “Xbox, record this”.

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Editing Xbox One Game Clips

Before posting Xbox One game clips on YouTube, you may want to edit them for clarity. You can do this directly from your console. Press the Xbox logo on your controller again and return to the Broadcast and Capture Menu.

Choose .

Now use the Recent Captures browser to review everything you’ve recorded video lately. Select the video clip you want to edit.

Now select the icon from the drop down menu.

To edit clips, you must have the Upload Studio app installed on your Xbox One. If the app isn’t already installed, your console will take you to the Microsoft Store for download. Upload Studio is a complete video editor, so it may take some time to download.

Uploading Xbox One Game Clips

Now it’s finally time to share Xbox One game clips on YouTube. The Xbox Guide and software only allow you to automatically share game clips on Xbox Live. To manually upload your clips to YouTube, you need to download the YouTube app to your Xbox One.

Press the button on your controller to open the Xbox Guide.

Choose .

In My Games & Apps, select on the left side of your screen.

Search for the app in your list of installed apps and games. If it’s there, open the app. If you haven’t installed the app yet, download it from the Microsoft Store on your console.

Open YouTube from the menu. Make sure you’re signed in to the app with the Google Account linked to your YouTube channel.

Use the joystick on your controller to highlight the icon on the side of your screen.

Choose .

Select the clip you want to add to YouTube.

Decide if you want this video to be public.

Finally, select .

Do not turn off your console before your YouTube Video has finished loading. Once complete, you can go to your smartphone or PC to share the video with other people on YouTube or monetize the video.