How to Share iPhone 6s 4K Videos

After learning how to open iPhone 6s 4K video recording, you still need to figure out how to share iPhone 6s 4K videos.

Normally sharing a video only requires tapping the share icon and YouTube icon once more. This is not yet the case for 4K video on the iPhone 6s.

We will show you how to upload 4K video from your iPhone to the Internet so that you can share the beautiful images with others.

If you try to upload your iPhone 6s 4K video to YouTube using built-in sharing, you will upload a lower quality version.

Learn how to upload 4K videos on iPhone 6s.

Vimeo also supports 4K video captured on iPhone 6s, but an attempt to share multiple uploads via the Vimeo app and share button was unsuccessful.

For now, you will have to use a workaround to share your iPhone 6s 4K video with the rest of the world.

If you don’t mind sharing in 4K, you can use any of these services and it will upload the video in HD, but if you want the full quality of 4K, you’ll have to take extra steps.

How to Share 4K Video on iPhone 6s

After trying it, we found that the simplest solution is to AirDrop the video from your iPhone to Mac and then upload it to YouTube from your computer.

If your laptop or desktop isn’t powerful enough to edit the video, you can edit the 4K video in 4K on your iPhone 6s in iMovie.

How to share 4K video on iPhone 6s.

How to share 4K video on iPhone 6s.

While the video is in your Photos app, tap share, then tap your Mac in the AirDrop menu. This will send the entire 4K video file to your Mac, which is very fast as it is a direct connection.

Once the video is on your computer, you can choose to upload it to YouTube from there. After the video is uploaded, users can watch the video in 4K on YouTube. They may need to use the gear icon in the video to select 4K.

Above is a short iPhone 6s 4K sample video where we shot a bee in our front yard. This is a small sample of iPhone 6s 4K recording quality without any accessories or actual preparation for taking photos.

The iPhone 6s was in our pocket and we saw a great opportunity to use the new 4K camera that wouldn’t have been possible if we had to run home and buy a bigger 4K camcorder.

You can share YouTube video to Facebook, but currently you cannot directly upload 4K video to Facebook as the service does not support it.

We hope that YouTube apps and Vimeo apps will soon be upgraded to allow iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners to upload 4K videos directly. We are also looking for other apps to upload 4K video from iPhone and will update with no computer required solutions.

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