How to Share HD Movies from iPhone

For many users, iPhone is the main way to take photos and videos because of its compact size. While it’s convenient to have an iPhone for all your media, it’s a bit of a pain to transfer your HD videos from iPhone and share them with your friends and family.

Unlike photos, videos on iPhone are too big to email, so users need another way to share them with their friends. Fortunately, there are several different ways to transfer and share HD movies from iPhone.

Some of the easiest ways to share videos from iPhone are Dropbox or Google Drive, sync the video to a computer, or post the video to Facebook or YouTube. Follow the post below to learn how to use each of these methods with your own HD movies on iPhone.


For users who already have a Dropbox account, an easy way to share videos on your iPhone is to upload them to Dropbox. If you don’t have an account yet, go to and create a free account. After creating an account, get the Dropbox iPhone app by downloading it from the app store and sign in to your account.

After installing the application


Tap on Options

By creating a folder, it is easier to organize and keep track of the video files you share. Tap to create a folder

Create folder

After entering a name for the folder, tap .

Once the folder is in your Dropbox, select it and then

Select Options for Installation

To upload HD videos from iPhone to newly created Dropbox folder

Tap Install

If the video is not in a different album, select .

Choose Camera Roll

Find the video you want to share, tap on it and select it in the upper right corner.

Select Video

While the video is loading, there is a progress bar that looks like the image below.

Download Progress

After the video has finished loading, it will look like the video below. The user can then share the video by sending a link to their friends to download or by copying it to a USB flash drive.

Upload complete

Google drive:

Much like Dropbox, Google Drive is a great place to store HD movies from iPhone. The great thing about Drive is that if you already have a google account, there are no other steps you have to take to use it. You also get 15GB of storage for free, while Dropbox only allows 2GB of free storage.

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To start using Drive, download it from the app store and sign in to your google account.

Tap Google Drive

Tap in the upper right corner to create a folder.

Tap Add

Next, select

Tap New Folder

Name the folder and tap .

Create folder

Select the newly created folder by tapping on it.

Click on the video folder

To upload HD videos to folder

Add video

To choose

Upload video


Choose Camera Roll

Find the video you want to upload, select it and tap in the upper right corner.

Select Upload VideoAfter the video is uploaded, it will appear in the google drive folder.

Video in Drive

Sync iPhone with a Computer:

Another way to transfer HD videos from iPhone is to sync it with a computer. User can easily transfer videos from their device to a computer using iPhoto.

First plug the iPhone into the computer and open iPhoto after it opens, select the iPhone under it.

choose iPhone

Find the video you want to import into iPhoto and select it. There is an option to add an event name and description to make the video easier to find in your iPhoto library.

Choose Video and Description

When you’re ready to import the video, tap .

Import Video

After the video is imported into iPhoto, it is very important to make the selection. If this step is not taken, the video will be deleted from iPhoto immediately.

Keep Photos

After that the video will be in the iPhoto library. The video can then be copied to a flash drive, burned to DVD, or shared in other ways.

Video Imported

By plane:

Airdrop is an iOS 7 feature that allows iPhones to send files over bluetooth and WiFi. It is important to note that Airdrop does not work between Mac and iPhone. To use airdrop to send HD videos to other iPhones, follow the guide listed in the link below:

How to use Airdrop?


Another great way to share videos from iPhone is via YouTube. In a few easy steps, HD movies from your camera roll can be easily shared with friends via YouTube.


Open Photos

Find and select the video you want to share to YouTube in Camera Roll.

Select Video

After the user selects the video, tap . To share.

Share Video

Under the Share menu,

Choose YouTube

Enter the email address and password of your YouTube account (aka your Google Account) and tap .


After logging in, you can add a name and description for the video and even add tags. Most importantly, choose to compare with the default Standard definition.

Edit Video Details

Scroll down to edit the category of your video and who can view it. When the parameters are chosen to your liking,

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Post Video

After the video is finished uploading, the user receives a message saying that the video has been successfully uploaded to YouTube.

Upload successful


Just like sharing to YouTube, videos from the camera roll can be shared to Facebook. To share a video to Facebook, find the video in the camera roll and tap .

Share Video


tap facebook

After adding a status to go with the video, tap .

Tap Details (Facebook)

Select the quality option to get high definition video.

Choose HD (Facebook)

To change who can view the video

Change Audience

After setting the audience, choose to upload the video to Facebook. Here is a sample video posted to Facebook from above.

Test Video (Facebook)