How to Share Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, here’s how you can share shipping benefits with family members this holiday season and throughout the year.

Amazon Prime It’s a great service you must have if you use Amazon a lot. $119/year service provides free two-day shipping (and cheaper next day shipping) on ​​Prime-eligible products, access to Amazon’s Instant Video streaming service, access to Prime Music streaming service, exclusive deals, discount on access. Access to the Kindle Lending Library, where you can borrow the Washington Post digital edition and ebooks for free. The person you share with also gets early access to Amazon Black Friday deals.

It’s definitely worth the yearly cost if you use all of its features, but most people really only want free two-day shipping (especially since we’re approaching the holiday season). But sometimes, free shipping alone isn’t worth the $100 per year you pay for the privilege.

However, if you have a family member with an Amazon Prime membership, they can share their free two-day shipping with you. Or if you yourself have a Prime membership and want to share free two-day shipping with a family member, we’ll show you how. Note, however, that you must have a regular $119 annual Prime membership, as the student Prime membership cannot be shared. If available in your region, this also shares Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

How to share your Amazon Prime shipping benefits and more.

Amazon lets you share your free two-day shipping with another adult. It used to be much more open, but now you can only share with an adult and the Prime Shipping benefit to younger accounts, but this is not a good way to share your Prime shipping with people outside of your family.

When you share Amazon Prime benefits with someone, you both have access to each other’s payment options. This is done to reduce random sharing of your Prime benefits with someone outside of your family. When you add someone to your family, they immediately reap the benefits. If you remove them, neither you nor the other person will be able to join an Amazon household for 180 days. Here’s how to share your Amazon Prime shipping benefits with Amazon homes.

How to Share Your Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits

To add family members or friends to your Amazon Prime account and share your shipping benefits with them, simply follow these simple steps:

That’s all you need to do to share Amazon Prime shipping benefits with a family member. You can only share with one family member, and this is much more restricted than in the past.

Now the other adult can log into their Amazon account, shop for items and pay with their own card and still get free Prime shipping. This includes free two-day shipping and a cheaper overnight shipping. They also get savings on Amazon Prime Video and Whole Foods. You cannot share Amazon Prime Music with this option.

If someone you know needs Amazon Prime and you can no longer share your account with anyone, Gift Prime. You may also want to explore Student Prime options at $59 per year.

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