How to Set Up Parental Controls for TikTok on iPhone and Android

Despite the meteoric rise, TikTok has been plagued with a lot of controversy. So much so that the video-sharing social networking service has been banned in many parts of the world, including India. As you can imagine, it’s the obscene content that’s proving to be head-scratching for ByteDance’s owned platform. While I’m a big fan of lip-syncing videos that showcase stunning dance skill or extraordinary creativity, I’ve always felt that the company could do a lot better for anyone, from a toddler to a toddler, to avoid offensive things. Adults can safely use the app. Therefore, I am glad to know that ByteDance now allows users to set up parental controls for TikTok on iPhone and Android. If you haven’t figured this feature out yet, let me help you get started!

Set up Parental Controls for TikTok on iPhone and Android

There are two ways to enable parental control in TikTok on your iPhone and Android device. The first is to use native parental control methods that come in the app. The second is to use OS-level parental controls on your iPhone or Android device. We have explained both methods below.

Enable Parental Controls on TikTok Using Native Method

TikTok has a pretty useful native parental control feature. So, if you don’t want to go full Screen Time on your iPhone or Android device, you can enable the restriction directly from the social networking app. Apart from allowing you to enable app restriction, TikTok also provides a reliable way to prevent inappropriate content from appearing in the personal feed.

Note: The steps to enable parental controls using the app are the same on iPhone and Android. That’s why we only include screenshots from the iOS version of the app.

1. Start TikTok Tap the app on your device and profile tab below.

2. Tap now. three horizontal dots in the upper right.

Tap the Horizontal menu in the top right

3. Next, tap on it. Digital Wellbeing choice.

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Tap on digital wellbeing

4. Next Two options:

Enable Digital wellbeing for TikTok

  • Screen Time Management – Allows you to set screen time limit for TikTok app. To enable this feature, tap on. Next, tap on time limit and then select your preferred time from multiple options as below 40m, 60m, 90m and 120m.

Get started with screen time management for TikTokAfter that, tap on “Turn On Screen Time Management” and set a password.

Set screen time password for TikTok

Restricted Mode: It allows you to limit the appearance of content that may be offensive or obscene. Tap and then tap to enable this feature. “Turn On Restricted Mode”. After that, enter the password.

Enable Restricted Mode for TikTok

When the time is up, you’ll get an alert saying something like expiration time. If you still want to use the application, you must authenticate using the password.

Set Time Limit for TikTok Using Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

In case you want more control over TikTok, you can use the built-in Screen Time feature to prevent your child from overusing the app. Note that app limits will apply to all devices synced with the same iCloud account. Moreover, the limits will be reset every day at midnight.

1. Open Settings app on your device -> Screen Time -> App Limits.

Tap on App Limits

2. Now, tap on Add Boundary and then enter Screen Time Passcode.

Tap Add Limit

3. Next, tap on it. Creativity and choose TikTok. Next, tap on Next. After that, set the time limit and tap on it. Add top right to finish.

Set time limit for TikTok on iOS

Note: If you wish, you can also customize the restriction on a daily basis. To do this, tap Customize Days and then fine-tune the limitation as per requirement.

From now on, a warning will appear five minutes before the limit is reached. And when the timer runs out, you will have to enter the password to use the app.

Set Parental Controls for TikTok on Android Using Digital Balance

The latest versions of Android, including Android Pie and Android Q, come with a full-fledged parental control feature that can help you set up parental controls for the TikTok app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Its implementation is as simple as iOS’s Screen Time.

1. Start Settings Tap the app on your Android device and then tap . Digital Balance and parental controls.

Set up parental controls for TikTok on Android

2. Tap now. Dashboard and Select TikTok.

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Choose the TikTok app

3. Next, you have multiple choices. For example, you can fine-tune notification limits and even set time limit for application. Therefore, adjust each one according to your needs.

Set time limit for TikTok on Android

Enable Parental Controls for TikTok on iOS and Android

Thus, you can prevent your child from using TikTok excessively and avoid exposure to inappropriate content. Now that you know how it works, set it up perfectly to let your little ones explore videos safely or continue the lip-syncing frenzy in a safe environment. Did you find this guide helpful? Write your thoughts and let us know what improvements you still want to see in this video sharing platform.