How to Set Up a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is unlike any video game console you’ve ever used. That being said, it’s not so different that there’s no associated setup process. You’ll have to tell the console what language you want it to present its menus in. You will need to configure your Nintendo Account and add a time zone. Most importantly, you will need to configure your Joy-Cons when installing the Nintendo Switch.

One thing you won’t need to do is connect the console to a television set. Rather than build a living room console connected to an external display and speakers, Nintendo decided that the Switch would play to the company’s strengths. The device is both a living room and a portable game console. Players can derail these Joy-Cons and use them independently of the console. They can also pair the console with a Switch Pro Controller.

Here’s how to set up the Nintendo Switch.

You will definitely want to add this Nintendo Account. Without it, you won’t be able to link your games to your account and take them to any Nintendo Switch you’re signed in to. When setting up Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to provide your internet password so you can get the first update and unlock all of its online features.

Here’s how to set up the Nintendo Switch and keep your new console running smoothly.

How to Set Up Nintendo Switch: Before You Begin

Before you set up the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a few things. First, make sure you’re near a power outlet. As with any device you set up for the first time, you want to connect it to an outlet to avoid losing power during the setup process. Second, you’ll want to have a decent internet connection and not use a connected phone to create one. If you don’t have internet access at home, try going to a library or restaurant that offers customers Wi-Fi. You will need this to download the console’s initial software update.

Finally, you will need the username and password for your Nintendo Account. If not, take the time to create one online using a phone, laptop or tablet near you. To start

How to Set Up Nintendo Switch: A Walkthrough

Unpack your Nintendo Switch, then start putting the pieces together. Attach the Joy-Con controllers to either side of your device, taking care to place the corresponding Joy-Con on each side in its proper place. They cannot be changed. Plug your Nintendo Switch into a power outlet using the included USB Type-C cable. Now open your console.

Start by selecting the one you chose using the left adjustment bar and the A button.

You must accept Nintendo’s End User License Agreement before continuing. tap tap

Now the system will start searching for your wireless network. Let it scan for a bit, then select the Wi-Fi network you have access to.

Wait while the console verifies the internet connection. Then tap .

Make your selection using the joysticks and the A button.

You can now decide to connect your Nintendo Switch to a television using the included dock or skip it altogether. Use the joystick and A button to make your selection. As for how to do this, we skip Connect to TV.

Now you will need to configure the Joy-Con controllers on the left and right side of your device. Turn the device over.

Press just below the lower bumper to release the lock on each Joy-Con. Simply swipe up to remove it from the device. Now use the left Joy-Con to select and the A button on the right Joy-Con to confirm your selection.

Select This screen guides you through all the different ways you can use Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers. Mods are nested on their own and on their rails. The support leg on the back of the console allows you to put the device on a flat surface. Unfortunately, it only has one angle.

Use the A button to select.

Choose an image you want to represent your profile. Faucet

Make your selection and then press

Use the touchscreen to type your display name.

Press A or tap .

Tap if there are no more users you want to add to your Nintendo Switch.

You can now decide whether to configure parental controls or not.

After making your selection, the Switch will prompt you to press the Home button on the right Joy-Con.

You have completed the installation process. Your setup Nintendo Switch journey doesn’t have to end here. You can customize the software color scheme from the System Settings area. You can also add the Nintendo Account to your user account, which was strangely missing during the setup process when you first got the console.

The Nintendo Switch is available on store shelves everywhere for $299.99. Happy game.

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