How to Set Reminder for Your Important Notifications on Android

The problem with notifications is that they can quickly become intrusive. If we’ve already shown you how not to be overwhelmed by notifications, this time we’ll show you how to set reminders for your important notifications.

So the notifications that really matter are gone play it a few times Just to remind you that they are there and waiting for an answer because you can quickly get lost in all those notifications.

How to Set Reminder for Your Important Notifications on Android

How often to go through an app available on the Play Store with Android Missed Notification Reminder, and you can download it right below:


First of all, when you open the application for the first time, you will need to make some settings. The first is to give the app access to notifications. Next, access to the device’s storage must also be granted.



But more importantly, if you are using Android Marshmallow, you will need change battery optimization for this app so that it does not go to sleep, otherwise it is impossible to be a reminder.



Now let’s move on to the reminder settings. You will be able to select the apps for which you want reminders, such as your office mailbox or WhatsApp notifications. Then you will be able to choose reminder interval in minutes.



Finally you can too set a period of silence so as not to be disturbed by these reminders, for example at night. To do this, click the button in the upper right and go to advanced settings.

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That’s it, you’ll now have reminders for your notifications so you don’t miss any important notifications. As always, we hope this tutorial will be useful to you and we invite you to give us your feedback in the comments.

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