How to Set Portraits Watch Face in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

When Apple previewed watchOS 8 at WWDC 2021, the Portraits watch face immediately caught my attention. I was curious how the new Portraits watch face would work on my Apple Watch, as I have a passion for experimenting with various watch faces. Unfortunately Apple didn’t introduce it in watchOS 8 beta 1. Now, with the release of watchOS 8 beta 2, the Cupertino giant has added this much anticipated feature that allows users to set portrait photos on the Apple Watch as a watch face. If you want to try this exciting new feature, let me help you set up a Portraits watch face in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch.

Set Portraits Watch Face in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch (2021)

First, let’s understand what makes the Portraits watch face so exciting! And why every Apple Watch user is wondering about this feature? Next, we’ll look at the steps to enable the Portraits watch face feature on the Apple Watch.

What Is Portraits Watch Face and How Does It Work on Apple Watch?

The Portraits watch face is designed to let you view and interact with photos on Apple Watch in a whole new way. What makes it so fascinating the ability to animate a portrait image with a multi-layer effect. In particular, it intelligently recognizes faces in photos and is cropped to highlight the subject. Thus, the watch face looks pleasing to the eye.

After you set the Portraits watch face on your Apple Watch, a new photo will appear every time you raise your wrist or tap the screen. Interestingly, there is also a way to zoom in/out the portrait for times when you might want to go into details. A nice way to browse memorable photos and personalize your smartwatch.

What Kind of Customization Does Portraits Offer Face Tracking?

Like the Standard Photos watch face, Portraits give you Select up to 24 portrait images. As for customization, you can choose from three types of watch styles, Classic, Modern, and Round (more on this later). You can also choose to show the date for this watch face and choose any other complications.

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Unlike the Photos watch face, Portraits don’t let you fine-tune colors. While it might not be a big deal to many, I would definitely appreciate having the flexibility to fine-tune colors. Because watchOS 8 is still a work in progress, a lot could change when Apple releases the operating system this fall.

Using the Portraits Watch Face in watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

note: I tried the Portraits watch face feature on the Apple Watch SE running watchOS 8 beta 2 and it worked just fine. The latest watchOS update is also supported by the Apple Watch 3 and above.

  1. start watch app Paired with Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone

2. Now navigate to: Face Gallery tab from the bottom navigation bar.

Face Gallery

3. Then scroll down and portraits clock face choice.

watchOS 8 Portraits watch face

4. Next, tap on “.Select Photos…” and then select up to 24 portrait images. The best way to do this is to create an album of all your portrait shots and then select the images you want from the album.

Select Photos

5. Next, select portrait images and then tap “ .Add” in the upper right corner of the screen. You can then move around the image to adjust the crop and see how it will appear on your Apple Watch’s screen.

Tap Add

6. Next, you can choose from three different clock styles:

  • Classical: Choose this to give the watch a retro look.
  • Modern: It gives the watch a more refined look.
  • rounded: Choose if you prefer a round design.

Choose Styles

For this demo, I’m going with the Modern option as it looks cleaner and better to me.

7. Next, complications. The date appears in the middle of the Portraits watch face. At the bottom, you can see the moon phase, your schedule, event, etc. You can choose to show other complications such as

Portraits watch facial complications

6. Finally, make sure to tap “.Add” to complete the installation of the Portraits watch face in watchOS 8.

Now tap Add to finish

If your Apple Watch is away, it will automatically show the new Portraits watch face. From now on, every time you raise your wrist or touch the screen, a brand new portrait image (if you upload more than one) will appear on the smartwatch.

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Zoom In or Out Portraits Watch Face on Apple Watch

Probably the best part of the Portraits watch face is its ability to zoom in or out on the portrait view. You can use the Digital Crown to zoom in or out the portrait shot. Take a look at the GIF below to find out how it works.

Make the Most of the Portrait Watch Face on Apple Watch

That is all! So, this is how you can enable and use the Portraits watch face on your Apple Watch. Now that you know how this cool feature works, you can make the most of it to animate the watch face in watchOS 8. While watchOS 8 isn’t a major upgrade, it does have some notable features, including the ability to measure respiratory rate. , an improved Home app and a smarter Breathe app. So share your thoughts on the latest iteration of watchOS and whether Portraits won you over.