How to Set Custom Charging Animation on iPhone in iOS 14

iOS has been lagging behind in the personalization department for years with little personalization scope. That said, the release of iOS 14 saw a huge comeback, opening the gateway for a ton of customization. Whether it’s the crazy home screen widgets or the ability to change app icons, the latest iteration of iOS has a lot to bolster your personalization game. Equally fascinating is the ability to set custom charging animation on iPhone. If you want a cool charging animation that will automatically start playing as soon as you plug your iPhone in to charge, this hack is for you.

Set Custom Charge Animation on iPhone Running iOS 14 or Later

So how do you create a custom charging animation on your iPhone in iOS 14? First, we will use a charging animation applet to select the desired animation. After that, we will use the Shortcuts app to set the charging animation to play automatically when the iPhone is plugged in for charging.

While the whole process is a bit tedious, the result is worth all the pain. Once you set up the animation perfectly, it works reliably. That said, let’s start with quick steps, shall we?

Download Your Favorite Charge Animation App and Choose Your Preferred Animation

Install your favorite charging animation app to get started. Among the handful of apps that offer charging animation, I found three apps up to the mark:

  • Charge Sounds and Effects 🙁Free)
  • Charge Animation (Free)
  • Charging Sound: (Free)

They come with a good set of animations and are also available for free. So, download your favorite app and then choose the animation you want to use.

In this guide, I will use the Charging Animation.

Use Shortcuts App to Set Charging Animation on Your iPhone

  1. After choosing a nice animation, Shortcuts app Tap on and on your iPhone. Automation tab below.

Launch the Shortcuts app

3. Next, tap on Build Personal Automationn. Then scroll down and “Charger” choice.

Choose the charging option

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4. Now, make sure “Connected” option is selected. Next, tap on Next in the upper right corner of the screen.

Make sure Connected is selected

5. Tap . Next Again.

Tap Next

6. Next, turn off the toggle “Ask Before You Run” and then hit Completed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Turn off prompt before running

7. Now, Tap on “iPhone connected to power” and then tap on “No action”.

Tap on no action

8. Now, tap . Add Action button and choose script choice.

Choose the Script option

9. Next, open app.

Select Open Application

10. Next, tap on it. To choose option and then select the charging animation you want to use.

Select the charging animation app

11. Finally, make sure to tap on it. back button in the upper left corner of the screen and Done button to approve.

Tap Done to finish

In the future, the special charging animation will start playing automatically every time you plug in your iPhone to charge.

Great charging animation

Set Cool Charge Animation on Your iPhone

That is all! Now that you know how to create eye-catching charging animation for your iPhone, try a series of charging animation apps to make sure you always have a beautiful animation at hand.

By the way, what would you like to say about this hack? Also, let us know if it works on your iPhone.