How to Set Custom Alarm in iOS 6

If you’re like me, most alarms on iOS are probably off limits. I have used many of them in the past and for some reason I get very angry when I hear them. So much so that I can no longer use most of them. The list expanded so much that I woke up to the sounds of Sonar. Fortunately, with iOS 6, Apple finally saved me from this nightmare as I can now set a custom alarm using any song I choose.

Yesterday, after listening to Sonar for the past few weeks, I finally decided to use one of the new features available in iOS 6, the ability to set a custom song as an alarm.


For me, this is much more satisfying than listening to preloaded sounds. Using custom alarms, I can not only choose the perfect sound to wake up to, but also forever change what I want to hear. Never again will I have to choose between listening to an old motorcycle era, listening to a xylophone that often reminds me of American Beauty, and hating the fact that I have to wake up.

Last night, just to giggle, I decided to set my alarm for Final Countdown from Europe and let me tell you. Waking up to Swedish guys playing guitar is a much nicer experience than waking up thinking I’m in a submarine.

How to Set Custom Alarm in iOS 6

Here’s how to do it. This is extremely simple and will likely be useful for maintaining your sanity.

First, find the icon on your home screen. It’s like a clock.

Next, tap it and it opens a screen that gives you several options. You will want to select the tab.

Here, you’ll want to tap Edit and then choose your usual alarm or set a new one.

Once inside, you’ll want to tap the option, which will take you to a screen where you can choose from a pre-loaded ringtone or pick a song from your library.


Choose .


Here you will be able to select any song in your library.

Apple also offers the option to purchase other music on the previous page, making it extremely easy to never have to deal with stock ringtones again.

This is one of my favorite features of iOS 6 so far and I hope you like it too.

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