How to secure access to certain photos on your smartphone?

There are two categories of photography in life, those we show and those we hide. Some of the photos you take with your smartphone end up on Facebook, while others of a more private nature are destined to stay in your gallery. But what if you’re not the only one using your smartphone, and one day someone reckless comes along? falling for your private photos ?

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Fortunately, there are several ways to do this on Android. secure private photos and we have chosen the simplest for you. Some solutions available on the Play Store also allow you to block access to your apps. But today we will only focus on how to secure your photos. And as you’ll see, it’s super simple with the Droid Protector app. Here’s how.

1. To get started, go to Play Store by clicking the image below to download Droid Protector.

Google Play

2. Launch the app and then choose your lock mode (classic password or pattern). Then enter your password or pattern twice to verify.

droid protector

3. Then select your security question (it can be useful if you forget it) and enter your answer.

droid guardian secret question

4. Go to the “Hide photos” tab and click the first icon in the top bar to add a picture.

hide photos android

5. photos you want to hide and click the icon showing a strikethrough eye to hide the images. Then go to the “Gallery” app on your phone. Then you can see that the pictures are not found. It will now only be accessible through Droid Protector and by entering a password.

safe android photos

6. To make your photos visible in your gallery, select them again with your finger and then click on the icon, this time showing an eye that is not crossed out. The images will then reappear in your phone’s Gallery app.

android pictures

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