How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

It’s funny how a single missed message can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Later in the day, you need to send someone an important message and you are so confident that you will send it at the right time. You just forget to send it when the time is right. Depending on the importance of the message you forgot to send, you could suffer anywhere from nothing to a concussion. I wish there was a way to schedule your messages like you can with your emails. Well, if you are using an Android phone, you can. If you suffer from the “forgot to send message” syndrome, here’s how to schedule text messages on Android in 2022.

Schedule Text Messages on Android in 2022

You can use two methods to schedule an SMS on Android. The first is to use the built-in functionality offered by the Google Messages app and certain Android OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG. The second includes the use of third-party messaging apps that can be used to schedule text messages on any Android smartphone. We’ve included both methods so you can jump to the chapter you want to read.

Using the Built-in Message Scheduling Feature (Google Messages, Samsung, LG and Xiaomi)

As I mentioned earlier, Google’s Messages app and some OEMs include this feature natively. Samsung, LG and Xiaomi are known to include this feature in their phones.. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that not all of their offerings get this feature. Also, if you have purchased a carrier locked phone, the native integration of this feature will also depend on your mobile carrier.

Google Messages

Let’s start with the steps for scheduling messages using Google Messages. Open the Messages app, type the message you want to send and Long press the submit button. Now you will see a popup asking you to choose the date and time to schedule the message. If you don’t see the popup, make sure the Messages app is updated to the latest version. Available on Google Play Store. You can choose one of the suggested times or manually select the date and time.

If you choose to set the date and time manually, tap ‘Select date and time’ and use the date and time picker. When done, tap Next to date and time messages

A preview now appears with the time and date you just selected. Now you can Press ‘Save’ to confirm changes. one last step Press the submit button again To schedule the message

sending schedule messages

If you later change your mind or want to update the message, you can tap the clock icon to the left of the scheduled message and Select ‘Update message’.You also have the option to send the message right now or delete the scheduled message.

reschedule or update message

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Samsung Messages

To check if your smartphone running a custom skin has this feature, open any message or conversation in native messages app and tap the plus button and then tap on the “Schedule Message” option. For example, when I tapped the plus button on my Samsung Galaxy M40, I had the option to create a schedule message. The picture above shows the same thing.

5. Samsung

MIUI Messages

Xiaomi does the same. You will need to press the “+” button next to the compose window. From here you will select the “Scheduled” option to schedule your message. From here you can select the time and date and schedule your message.

6. Xiaomi

Note: If your Samsung device has not been updated to One UI, you can find the SMS scheduling feature by clicking the three-dot menu on the right in the messages app.

Send Messages Later Using Third-Party Apps

If you can’t find a scheduling option on your Android device with any of these methods, you can find out if your OEM supports it by doing a simple Google search. If your smartphone’s OEM does not offer this feature natively, you will need to use a third-party app to use this feature.

The advantage of using third-party messaging clients is that they not only bring the ability to send messages later, but also include a bunch of other features that make texting fun and easy. The apps also offer theming features that let you change everything from color scheme to fonts and text size. The only thing to remember is that we focus on scheduling messages, so other specific feature sets won’t affect the ordering of apps.

1. Text

Textra is one of the most popular third-party messaging apps available on the Play Store. While the app is known for giving users the ability to customize the look and feel of the messaging app, it can also perform many cool functions that your native messaging app cannot. One of these features is the ability to send scheduled messages. To schedule a message using Textra while creating a message, press the plus button and tap the clock icon as shown in the figure.

1. Text 1a

Here you can select the Date and Time you want your message to be sent from your phone. One nice thing I love about Textra is, marks scheduled messages with a green clock icon. When you tap the icon, you will be able to see the timestamp of that message (when it is scheduled to be sent). For the most part, the app is free with in-app purchases to unlock some extra features.

1. Text 2a

To organise: (FreeIn-app purchases)

2. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is one of the few messaging apps that has truly reinvented the way people use regular messages. The app brings many great and unique features that can enhance your messaging experience. One of these features is the ability to schedule text messages. To schedule a message while on a call, Tap the 3 dots menu located in the upper right corner of the application. In the drop-down menu, Tap “Schedule message” Select , and then enter the date, time, and content of the message. When you’re done, hit submit.

2. Pulse SMS 1a

However, one thing I don’t like about this app is the way it stores your scheduled messages. This scheduled SMS are not stored inside the original conversation instead they are stored in their own folder. While I don’t like this approach, many may like it as it allows you to see all your scheduled messages in one place. To find all your scheduled messages, open the hamburger menu and then tap on “Scheduled messages”. Here you can view all your scheduled messages.

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2. Pulse SMS 2a

To organise: (FreeIn-app purchases)

3. Do It Later

Do It Later is one of the newest message scheduling apps on the Play Store and also one of the best. Application It allows users to schedule not only text messages but also emails, calls and tweets. If you don’t want to schedule messages but just want to be reminded, you can also set reminders right from within the app. My favorite thing about this app is how easy it is to use. Just start the app and then tap the “+” button. You’ll see all the scheduling options you can choose from, including messages, emails, Twitter, and more. Since we want to schedule messages, we will tap on the messages icon.

3. Do It Later 1a

When you do, you can add contacts (single or multiple) and draft your message. Below you can decide the exact time of the message or select a time range. Finally, you can set the message to be repeated. The time slot feature is especially useful if you’re sending repeated messages, as it sends the message at a random time so that they don’t appear automatically. There is also a button that, once ticked, will ask your permission before sending the message. The app is completely free with an in-app purchase option to remove ads. If you want all these features, you should definitely try the application.

3. Do It Later 2a

To organise: FreeIn-app purchases

4. SMS Editor

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer is arguably the best SMS app you can use on your Android phone. It includes powerful SMS management features to help you keep track of important messages efficiently without getting bogged down in spam messages. A useful feature of SMS Organizer is the ability to schedule messages. To schedule messages in SMS Organizer, type the message and tap the calendar icon in the lower left corner. You can then select the date and time.

scheduling messages sms editor

After setting the date and time, press the Send button to schedule the message. The application will now automatically send the message at this predefined time.

SMS editor 2

You can tap the timestamp to change the date/time or content of the message. Press the Schedule button to reschedule the message. If you want to delete the message, you can long press the message and tap the Delete icon.

reschedule messages sms editor

To organise: Free

Easily Schedule Text Messages on Android

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this feature to save myself. The human brain (mine, at least) tends to forget things when the time is right. Use this app to solve the forgetfulness problem and schedule text messages on Android to deliver them on time. Similarly, you can learn how to schedule messages on WhatsApp. Share your stories with us when you forgot to send someone an important message at the right time. Also, if you know of a better app that does the same thing but is not listed, let us know in the comment section below.

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