How to Root Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus (Guide)

Samsung has launched its new flagship devices Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. While the devices boast superior hardware and superior performance, power users definitely want more from their devices. After the Kernel Sources were released for both devices, official TWRP support came for the new Samsung flagships. So if you’re someone who wants to install a custom recovery on their device and then root it, read on as we show you how:

Install TWRP on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

note: The following method will format your device, so be sure to backup all your important data. I tried the method on my Galaxy S9 Plus, but the method should stay the same for the S9. Also, the method below only applies to Exynos variants and will not work on Snapdragon models. Also, following the steps below will trigger Samsung Knox and void your warranty.

1. First go to: Settings -> About phone -> Software information. tap on “No construction.” seven times To enable Developer Options.

Next up, go to: Settings -> Developer optionsand enable the toggle next to it “OEM Unlocking”.

Galaxy S9 OEM Unlocked

3. Now, to your PC, Download and extract Samsung ODIN package.

Galaxy S9 Odin Extract

4. Download “.tar” file of TWRP image from below:

Galaxy S9: (TWRP Image)
Galaxy S9+: (TWRP Image)

5. Now turn off your device and then reboot in download mode holding [VOLUME DOWN] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] for about 15 seconds. You will now receive a warning message. Print [VOLUME UP] To enter download mode.

Volume Down Bixby Power

6. open Odin. click [AP] and check it out downloaded TWRP “.tar” file.

Galaxy S9 Odin Select AP TWRP

7. Connect your smartphone to PC. You will now receive a notification on the left side of ODIN that your device is connected.

Galaxy S9 Odin Device Connected

note: In case your computer does not recognize your device, download the Samsung USB drivers for your device from . here.

8. Now, while holding down [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER] click on your phone “Start” in ODIN. The flashing should now start. Do not release button combinations until you enter TWRP.

Galaxy S9 Odin Startup

note: You may get a warning screen stating that the device cannot be started. In this case, simply tap “Reset” to format your device. Then set up your device once again and repeat steps 1-8.

9. Now that you have booted into TWRP recovery, you will be greeted with the system partition warning message. Move the bottom slider to the right to allow changes. Once in TWRP’s main menu, navigate to: Erase -> Format Data and type “yes” and hit enter. Recovery will now format your data.

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Format Data

10. Now that your data is formatted, navigate to: Restart -> Recovery To restart TWRP.

Restart Recovery

11. After restarting TWRP, download most dm-verity and force encryption disabler zip it on your computer and transfer to your smartphone via USB. Then, to the Install in TWRP and browse and flash the downloaded file.

No real zip

12. Now that you have downloaded the dm-verity file to your smartphone, reboot the device and set up your account and more. TWRP is launched at this stage and is fully functional.

Root Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

note: The following method gives you root access on your device using SuperSU. At the time of this writing, Magisk is NOT supported on the Galaxy S9 or S9+. We will update the tutorial when an update for Magisk is released.

1. Now that you have fully set up your device, turn off your device and then reboot to recovery by holding down the key. [VOLUME UP] + [BIXBY] + [POWER].

Raise Bixby Power Volume

2. Download transfer it to your computer and transfer it to your device via USB.

3. Now, In TWRP recoverytap on “To organise”and browse for Download the zip file you just downloaded and flash it.

OEM Root Flash

4. During the flashing process, the installer will prompt you for various options. choose “Yes” for both “OEM Patch” and “Root with SuperSU”. Once done, simply reboot your device. Your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ should now be rooted with SuperSU.

S9 Root

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Install TWRP and root your Galaxy S9/S9+

So that was it! SuperSU seems to work just fine, although I personally prefer the versatility of rooting my device with Magisk. Now that you have root access to your device, why not take a look at some of the cool things you can do with your device here? Also, share with us your experience about the whole rooting process along with any queries in the comments below.

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