How to root and remove your Android smartphone

Most of you probably have rooted Android smartphones for practical reasons like getting the latest version of Android or fixing certain issues. But sometimes we want to go back but how? Here are some tricks to root it out.

Rooting Android allows for many great things, including expanding your smartphone’s customization options without being constrained by Google and manufacturer restrictions. However, sometimes we may need to cancel the operation. When you need to take your smartphone to after-sales servicefor example, or because you want to resell, or because you are not impressed with the possibilities offered by root.

To root it out, there are several solutions. Some are a bit long but radical, others get straight to the point, but are not compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. You will surely find one that suits you.

Reload stock firmware

This is still the most effective solution, reinstall original version of the operating system by flashing a Stock ROM. Usage differs depending on device and manufacturer, but in our Android forum you will find most of the necessary files and even tutorials to continue the installation. If you’ve already rooted your smartphone, flashing a ROM or system image shouldn’t scare you off.

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android setup

Unroot with SuperSU

SuperSU is a pretty great tool that helps to better manage rooted devices. Its features are many and among them we find one that allows you to unroot. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • start the application
  • go to settings
  • choose option “Full Rooting”
complete rooting out
  • follow the onscreen instructions
  • Restart the device after the process is finished

super water

use an app

Do you want to hurry? There are apps in the Play Store that allow you to manually unroot, especially Universal Unroot, which does its job very well. Just a minor issue, it is not compatible with all devices including Samsung smartphones due to KNOX or some LGs due to eFuse protection which allows you to root when the smartphone is unrooted.

Google Play

Bad plan, therefore, if the purpose of the maneuver is to entrust your smartphone to an after-sales service. Note that the app is priced at €0.99 and the procedure to follow is in our forum: How to root your smartphone with Universal Unroot.

universal rooting

use a file manager

Another method is to use a file manager like Solid Explorer and delete root related files yourself. In fact, you will manually do what apps like Universal Unroot do.

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Attention, this manipulation is not risk-free and is intended for conscious users, in case of problems neither Moyens I/O nor the author of this article can be held responsible.

  • Start File Explorer and navigate to the folder system/bin
  • To delete “busy box” and “knew”
  • If you can’t find the “busy box” and “su”, go back to the “system” folder and then the subfolder. “xbin” and remove the words “busybox” and “water”
  • go to file system/application
  • To delete superuser.apk
  • Restart your phone
solid explorer
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We hope this little tutorial will be useful to you. If you know of other methods to remove root, let us know in the comment. And if not, have you ever had to unroot your smartphone?

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