How to retweet using Twitter’s new temporary format?

Twitter is temporarily changing the way you retweet ahead of the November 3 US presidential election to help prevent abuse and the spread of misinformation. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to retweet. But at least until the end of election week, retweeting something to all your followers won’t be as easy as ever.

Starting today, when you click or tap the retweet icon, Twitter will open the Quote Tweet generator to encourage you to write something about that tweet before sharing it. You don’t need to type anything if you don’t want to – just leave the composer blank and hit the retweet button to retweet as you normally would. But Twitter hopes that by adding some friction to the process, people will be able to better think about exactly what they’re retweeting, or take the opportunity to add their own perspectives.

The new retweet workflow will look like this:

Changes to retweets aren’t the only difference you can see in your Twitter experience today. Twitter also doesn’t show “like” or “followed” recommendations from people you don’t follow, and the trends box only shows trends with additional context. Like changes to retweets, these tweaks will be in effect from today at least until the end of election week in the US, according to Twitter. All these changes were first announced on October 9.

Update Oct 21 at 4:08 pm ET: Updated title to reflect the “how-to” nature of this article.

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