How to Reset Frozen Galaxy Note 8

This guide explains how to reset a frozen Galaxy Note 8. If your phone is unresponsive or not working, we are here to help. While Samsung’s new phablet is fast and powerful, problems sometimes arise. Instead of taking it to a carrier store for help, follow our steps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a premium metal and glass design that is water resistant. This means that the phone is completely off and you cannot remove the battery to restart a frozen phone.

A quick reboot fixes almost all minor Galaxy Note 8 issues, but that’s not always an option. Sometimes the phone stops responding completely. It’s an issue we’re hearing more and more of with the Note 8. If your phone is frozen, the button combination below will get it working in a few seconds.

Reset a Frozen Galaxy Note 8

You may have missed this quick tip or notification during the initial setup. Samsung has a number of tips and one of them talks about how to do what is called a “hard reset” to fix any problem. Note that resetting your phone will not delete any data or cause any problems, it just forces the phone to restart.

Press and hold Power and Volume down simultaneously for 7 seconds or until the phone vibrates and turns off. This works even when the phone is completely frozen or the screen is black. It’s a hard reset and it works no matter what.

Press and hold the buttons for long enough and you will see it turn off, you will feel the phone vibrate, then it will restart and return to full working order.

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