How to Replace LG G4 Keyboard

This quick and simple guide will explain how to change the stock keyboard on LG G4 to something else for those who want to experience a different typing on their new 5.5 inch Android smartphone. Multiple keyboard options are available in the Google Play Store and here we will explain how to change some settings and use one of them.

The new LG G4 is an impressive phone with a big and bright 5.5 inch Quad-HD display, the back is made of genuine leather materials and it has one of the best cameras in any smartphone. As it is powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop, users can leave many aspects of the device to chance. From changing the text messaging app, using different cameras, clocks, calendars and even the keyboard.

When you get a brand new smartphone, it’s clear that there are some things all owners should do. Open it and do all the installations. Sign in and sync your Google account, Facebook and all the usual stuff; Users who want to change the keyboard will want to take a look at our quick how-to below. It’s still very easy and only takes a few minutes.

With the LG G4, users have a pretty great keyboard experience right out of the box. Most Android manufacturers create their own keyboards for devices, rather than just using the stock Google Keyboard inside Android. However, owners can still use my favorite Google Keyboard or one of the many different 3rd party keyboards available in the Google Play Store.

LG’s keyboard is large, with numbers on the top for easy access, and the large 5.5-inch screen has a one-handed operation mode that can be moved left or right for easy use. However, it’s not for everyone, so let’s replace it with something else. In the instructions below we are using the Google Keyboard available on the Play Store, but the same steps apply to any keyboard downloaded and installed.


First, users will have to go to the Google Play Store and download a new keyboard. Google Keyboard is our favourite, but SwiftKey is hugely popular and Swype is another good option. After downloading, follow the next set of instructions. Some 3rd party keyboards will notify you of these steps during installation, otherwise it only takes a few seconds to change them manually.

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To get started, you’ll go to settings by tapping the gear-shaped icon in the notification bar, then tap on the “” column and the first setting titled ““. From here users will see a few settings, followed by LG keyboard and other downloaded keyboards.

Screenshot 2015-07-07, 14.29 PM

Just above where the LG keyboard is typed and the downloaded options are listed, there is a setting titled “” that we will choose to replace the default keyboard. Simply hit Default and a popup will appear listing all installed keyboard options. From here, select the keyboard you want and you’re done. It’s that easy. The picture below shows what to look for.


You have now successfully changed the stock keyboard on LG G4 to something different that might be more powerful, offer more customization or themes or better suit your preferences.

G4 key settings

While we are here you can also go to the settings of any keyboard and change some settings. Whether it’s the vibration that occurs when the keys are pressed, turning off the disgusting sound it makes every time you touch a letter on the keyboard, or even changing the theme and colors if the keyboard has such features. Above is a look at a few settings in Google Keyboard.

This much. Owners can easily switch and try different keyboards on the LG G4 in a matter of seconds. Try a few of the more popular keyboards for Android and find the best.