How to Remove Flash on Your Mac

If you’re sick and tired of Flash, here’s how to remove it on your Mac once and for all.

For the last few years, Flash has been known to have some pretty serious vulnerabilities that make it vulnerable to attack, essentially acting as a backdoor for hackers to break in and raid your computer.

In fact, Firefox recently blocked Flash from running in the web browser until all vulnerabilities were fixed, and even Mozilla’s own chief security officer want to set a date To officially kill the Flash once and for all.

Also, we wouldn’t be surprised if other web browsers follow in Mozilla’s footsteps.

That said, it’s time to remove Flash from your computer. Don’t worry, most of your favorite websites will still work fine. Most popular video streaming websites like YouTube and Netflix have migrated to HTML5 and no longer rely on Flash, which means it’s time to free your Mac from Flash and make it more secure overall.

Here’s how to remove Flash on your Mac.

Uninstalling Flash

Usually with Adobe products, you can’t just uninstall one thing and expect them all to be completely deleted from your system. Often some files remain and sometimes they are difficult to find or get rid of in the first place.

Fortunately, the process can be really easy thanks to a simple Flash removal tool that you can do. free download and install. It is simple to use and only takes a few seconds.

It works on OS X 10.5 and newer and you just need to install it as you would any other application. Then you can open the uninstaller and then click the button.

Screenshot 2015-07-14, 16.38 PM

The process should only take a few seconds and once it’s done you can exit the uninstaller and you’re good to go. At this point, you can also uninstall the uninstaller as you will no longer need it.

If you are on an older version of OS X (OS X is older than 10.5) this lifterWorking with OS X Tiger and OS X Leopard.

Screenshot 2015-07-14, 4.17.11 PM

Of course, if you need Flash for work or any other important occasion, you can completely remove Flash from your computer and install Google Chrome as it runs its own version of Flash in the browser.

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Also a Flash plugin for Safari If you want to use Apple’s own web browser. Essentially, it blocks the playback of any Flash content unless you give permission to run it.

Flash was once a powerful piece of software and almost every multimedia service used Flash in some way. However, now that HTML5 has become the norm, Flash is becoming less and less popular, especially as it is full of vulnerabilities that Adobe is often slow to fix.

That means you’re doing yourself a favor by removing Flash, and you don’t really need it anymore, especially if you’re a casual user, as all your favorite websites have stopped relying on Flash.

Of course, Flash has been despised many times in the past, and even Adobe is slowly starting to end support for Flash, most notably in 2011, when HTML5 became popular, ending support for Flash on mobile devices.

Steve Jobs even cried out his hatred for software back in 2010, so it’s certainly not a new development when it comes to a lack of love for Flash, but we think the time for Flash to officially end is fast approaching.

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