How to Remove an Unwanted Contact from a Photo Using Galaxy S4 Eraser

The Camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 will erase offending objects or people from shots taken using the Galaxy S4 Eraser mode. Sometimes there is a blurry mess behind or in front of our subject. Eraser mode takes a series of 5 photos and removes the blurry man walking on the beach in front of the sunset. It works great when we’re trying to take a picture of our friends and someone suddenly thoughtlessly steps on the scene. Use to take a photo of a building on a busy street, even if cars are passing quickly.

We will show users how to get rid of a blurry man or other unwanted people, pets or objects in photos taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Eraser mod.


Then select by tapping . A carousel of optional modes opens. Since the user can see all of them instead of navigating through the modes, we want to switch to the grid view which makes it faster and easier to choose from the various modes.

Select one of the modes by tapping the button in the upper right corner in portrait mode or the lower right corner in landscape mode. to start the eraser mode.

The Galaxy S4 Camera app will pop up an alert to keep the phone still while taking a series of five quick shots. Create the footage and save the .

It will fire up to five quick shots in about a second or two. The application will process images that take only a few seconds by comparing images and removing unwanted people or objects that move. He brings them in one shot.

eraser mode on galaxy s4

The resulting image will automatically leave any people or objects that are not moving while deleting moving items. There is no blurry man walking on stage or a speeding car.

Here’s a shot of someone standing before the shot. We had the person walk across the scene while shooting five Eraser mode shots with a single tap of the camera button.

galaxy s4 eraser mod first

Notice below that the app automatically removes the contact from the image.

galaxy s4 eraser mode shoot

Eraser mode works in simple situations like the scene above or below. It may leave behind shadows or strange spots, if that happens keep trying.

It also displays the shot with moving people or objects by highlighting it instead of deleting it. Tap the top button to open this view. Bring back the desired parts in the shot by tapping.

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galaxy s4 eraser mod showing moving parts

Here is the next shot that hides the object.

samsung galaxy s4 eraser hidden objects

Do not forget to tap the Save button to transfer the resulting image to the phone’s memory, otherwise the application will lose the image. It does not automatically transfer them to the camera roll. Here is the resulting image that we saved.

Picture taken using galaxy s4 eraser mod

Watch the camera part of our Samsung Galaxy S4 video review:

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