How to Remove a Device from Find My iPhone

If you’re no longer using an iOS or OS X device, here’s how you can remove it from Find My iPhone so it can be disabled, sold, or given to someone else.

Find My iPhone is a free service that comes with every iOS device and Mac computer, allowing you to track if your device has been lost or stolen. Of course, it only works when the device is on and there is a signal, so Find My iPhone won’t work if your phone is stolen and the thief is smart enough to hang up or put it in Airplane Mode, but at least I’ll give you a fighting chance so it’s worth enabling on all your Apple devices.

But when it comes to selling your iPhone or Mac, you’ll need to deactivate it and remove it from Find My iPhone before anyone else can use it.

The process is pretty straightforward and straightforward, but here’s a guide to walk you through the process of removing your iPhone, iPad, or Mac from Find My iPhone.

Remove a Device from Find My iPhone

Perhaps the easiest way to remove a device from Find My iPhone is to turn off the service directly from Settings on the device itself.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

Find My Mac

Now, if you can’t physically turn off Find My iPhone directly on the device, there is a way to decommission the device using, but for it to be offline, you must first turn off the device. . Then follow these steps:

Find My iPhone-iCloud

If you don’t have your device to turn off Find My iPhone (such as lost or stolen), you want to erase the device using

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