How to Refresh or Reset Windows 8

There is nothing worse than installing apps or getting viruses that force you to reinstall your Windows operating system.

Ever since Windows first gained popularity with Windows 95, hardware partners like Microsoft and Dell have received complaints from users for not making it easy for them to fix their computers when needed. Even in Windows 7, trying to recover or fix an installation required a complex tree of different steps. Users running Windows 7 or earlier had to back up their files, then either insert the Windows installation media that came pre-installed on the device, or hope that their device comes with a software restore option.

together now Windows 8 users can delete all Windows installations and files to start from scratch. It can also save its files but delete and reinstall Windows 8 installations.

Here’s how to use the automated tools in Windows 8 to restore your Windows device to its factory state, and how to protect your files if you choose not to back up to a flash drive or hard drive.

Go to Start Screen By pressing the Windows Key or by clicking Launch Hot Corner in the lower left corner of your screen. You can also open the Start Screen by clicking the Windows Charm in the Charms Bar.

The Charms Bar is a group of symbols on the right side of the screen that always performs the same function, no matter what app you are in.

Restoring Windows 8 (2)

After entering the Start Screen, Click or tap the Settings Charm. Access the Charms Bar by swiping from the right on touchscreens or using the Charms Hot Corner in the upper right corner of your screen.

Restoring Windows 8 (3)

The Settings Menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Click on ‘Change Computer Settings’ button at the bottom of the settings menu. This will immediately take you to the PC settings applet.

Restoring Windows 8 (4)

Now that you are in the settings menu, Click on the ‘General’ menu menu button. The button is six menus from the top of the screen on the left.

Restoring Windows 8 (5)

Reset Windows 8 to Factory Settings

If you want to Reset Windows 8 and delete everything from device Search for the title in the general settings menu ‘remove everything and reinstall Windows’. After making sure you’ve already backed up everything important to you on your Windows 8 device, Click “Get Started” to start the automated process.

Restoring Windows 8 (6)

Refresh Windows 8 to Get Rid of Troublesome Apps and Viruses

If you want keep pictures, documents and music on the machine but reinstall Windows, search title ‘Refresh your computer before the files are affected’. Click “Get started”.

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Depending on whether you choose to keep your files, this may take some time, but it’s worth it. Once complete, your Windows 8 installation will run like the first day.