How to Redeem Xbox Code on Xbox One and Xbox Live

There are two ways to get new games on your Xbox One. You can purchase a game on disc and wait for it to appear in your mailbox, or you can purchase an Xbox Code and redeem it on Xbox One and Xbox Live. Between the two, using an Xbox Code is the easiest way to get games.

Xbox Codes are great for a few reasons. First, with an Xbox Code, you don’t need to provide Microsoft with your credit or debit card to purchase a digital game or renew your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Instead, you go to the store and give the clerk the money. You still get all the benefits of purchasing games from the Xbox Store, such as Xbox Play Anywhere. Xbox Codes are also an ideal way to give players credits to buy the game they want.

Using an Xbox Code is easy. Here’s how to get your digital game, downloadable content or store credit for Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows 10.

Redeem Code on Your Console

If your Xbox One is nearby, use either of these two methods to redeem your Xbox Code. Make sure you’re signed in to your Xbox Live account on your console. Look for your Gamertag in the top left corner of your screen. Do not enter an Xbox Code in someone else’s Gamertag. If you do, game or store credit will be applied to their accounts instead of yours.

Redeem Xbox Code with your voice

If your Xbox One has a Kinect sensor or you’re gaming with a chat headset, say “Hey Cortana, Use a Code”. Your console will take you directly to the code redemption area. Unfortunately the console no longer uses its camera to let you scan a code.

Redeem Xbox Code with Your Controller

When your console boots up, check your Gamertag in the top left corner of your TV. If your Gamertag isn’t there, sign in with your gamertag.

Select at the top of your screen. The last option on the left.

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Choose now. In the center of your TV, just below the Xbox Store weekly deals.

Use your Xbox One controller with care to enter the letters and numbers of your Xbox Code. You can connect a USB keyboard or Xbox One ChatPad to your console for this, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have one.

Press “Next” after entering the entire code. Xbox Live will explain what the code is for and ask if you’re sure you want to apply it to your account. Confirm your selection.

Redeem Xbox Code Online

To redeem a code away from your Xbox One, go to a PC or smartphone with internet access. go

Click the button in the upper right corner of your screen. Sign in with the same Microsoft Account username and password you use on your console.

Now, hover your mouse over the account picture in the upper right corner of and

Enter your code. Again, Xbox Codes are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about matching capital letters. Before confirming the code, make sure this is your account.

Redeem Xbox Code in Windows Store

The Xbox Store is also on Windows 10, so you can redeem an Xbox Code there too. Make sure your computer has an internet connection and you’re signed in using the same Microsoft Account you use on your console.

Go to the Start Menu and open the application.

Inside the app, tap or click the three dots on the right edge of your screen.

Now select it from the dropdown menu.

Redeem Xbox Code in Xbox App

Finally, you can redeem a code in Microsoft’s Xbox app. Start your Windows 10 PC and sign in to the same Microsoft Account you use on your Xbox One. The Xbox app has the Redeem a Code option in the same place as below. xbox The app in the Google Play Store, so this method also works for Android smartphones

Click the shopping bag icon on the right of your screen to open it.

Once in Microsoft Store, click on it. It’s right below the slideshow showing the store’s deals.

Type your code in the popup and confirm that you want to apply the code to your Microsoft Account.

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