How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards with Your iPhone Camera

iTunes gift cards are probably going to be very trendy at Christmas, and if you’ve received one as a gift, here’s how to quickly and easily redeem iTunes Gift Cards using your iPhone’s camera.

iTunes gift cards, while simple and straightforward, are one of the best gifts iPhone and iPad owners can get, as they allow you to finally purchase the app you’ve been wanting for a while, or simply buy more Gems. Clash of Clans using in-app purchases.

That’s how we still think of where you’d spend $650 on an iPhone, but we make fun of the fact that you have to pay $5 for a really great app, so there are many iPhone owners who avoid paying. apps. However, with an iTunes gift card, they can purchase these apps without paying with their own money. So in a way, iTunes gift cards keep the app economy going and support app developers in the long run.

Redeeming an iTunes gift card is really easy, and you can even redeem one using your iPhone’s camera, which may sound exaggerated, but it’s nothing more than scanning the number on the back of the gift card.

Here’s how to redeem iTunes gift cards with your iPhone camera.

Using iTunes Gift Cards

To redeem an iTunes gift card, start by opening the app on your iPhone, scroll all the way down and tap on it. Alternatively, if you have an iPhone 6s, you can press the icon on the home screen and then tap to bring up Quick Actions.

use itunes-gift cards-5

You will most likely need to enter your Apple ID password to continue.

On the next screen, you will have two options to choose from: or .


There’s really no reason not to use your iPhone’s camera for this, so go ahead and select .

The camera viewfinder will appear on the screen. From here, simply point your iPhone over your iTunes gift card; Your iPhone automatically scans the code on the back of the gift card (make sure to scan the back of the card and remove the silver strip).

use itunes-gift cards-1

You will then receive a message saying your iTunes gift card has been successfully redeemed and below that will show you your new iTunes credit balance.

Using iTunes Gift Cards on Your Computer

If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can use your Mac to scan gift cards using the camera. iTunes gift cards can be redeemed on a mac and can be used in the Mac App Store to purchase Mac apps.

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As with your iPhone, you can use the FaceTime camera on your Mac to redeem an iTunes gift card. Simply open it on your Mac and click below the sidebar on the right.

itunes-gift card-mac

From there, click or manually enter the code in the text box at the bottom.

On a Windows computer, you can still use iTunes gift cards in iTunes. You just need to follow the same steps above, but the only difference is that you don’t have the option to use the camera to redeem your gift card. Instead, you will have to enter the code manually.