How to Recover WiFi Password on Android

In time, wifi access codes duplicate it on our phone. When a friend asks us for them, it is sometimes very difficult to remember them. And sometimes, let’s face it, we’re lazy enough to hide the box under a dusty shelf… Then we want to get all that back. directly on Android smartphones. Thanks to this it is possible very simple method.

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1. First thing to do, download file manager. I recommend you This. This It is the best known and very efficient and functional.

2. After this app is installed, navigate to: root mode through options.

3. Next, navigate to the folder /data/miscellaneous/wifi.

4. Just open the file wpa_supplicant.conf with a text editor that also has root rights.

recover wifi password

5. In the clearing you will find all wifi codes stored on your smartphone.

recover wifi password

6. …Snow!

There are also applications that allow to find the access codes to the WiFis available on our smartphone. my advice against thembecause user feedback is not really encouraging.

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