How to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp

Who hasn’t accidentally deleted a photo or at least regretted it later? In messaging applications, this action can be fatal, as there is not always a method to recover related data.

Fortunately, this is not the case with WhatsApp, which offers several methods to get back. Depending on your device, you should find a solution that fits your needs. Here is a list of all the options available to you in case of accidental deletion.

Recover deleted photo with help of recipient

WhatsApp offers two options for deleting photos: You can delete them from your phone or without speaking for all participants. This last option appears one hour after sending the environment in question.

It is therefore possible for the recipient(s) of the message to keep a copy of the deleted photo. In most cases, you just need to approach the person concerned to send you this copy. We recommend that you do not delay at the risk of deleting the photo as well.

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On both Android and iPhone, WhatsApp automatically downloads photos your contacts send to your phone’s gallery. If you haven’t changed the relevant setting, you should be able to access your media from the corresponding album.

  • find in Gallery On Android, in pictures On iPhone or in the media app you’re using
  • find album Whatsapp Images
  • Find the deleted photo from your conversation
  • You can also use search function by entering the date of the photo

If you can’t find the photo you want, you can browse the cloud storage side. WhatsApp may have backed up automatically.

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Recover Deleted Photo from Android Smartphone Memory

If the WhatsApp album does not appear in your gallery, it is possible that the application saves the photos in the internal storage of your smartphone. Unfortunately, iOS devices do not allow hacking into their memory. If you have an Android device, you can:

  • open app Folders
  • Type the following in the search bar Whatsapp Picturesor go WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Pictures
  • Find the deleted photo from your conversation
  • You can review the file feelings for the photos you send
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This method also works for any other media type. inside the file mediaYou will find video, audio and gif files shared in your conversations.

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Recover Deleted Photo from WhatsApp Backup

If none of the recipients have a copy and the photo is not in your gallery, it is possible to restore a WhatsApp backup to find it. Indeed, the app allows you to save your data in the cloud, Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iOS. But for this you need to have the option enabled. To do this, go to: Settings > Chats > Backup chats. There you can see the date of the last backup and configure the frequency of the operation.

If the photo you are looking for is after the last backup, you can get it back like this:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone
  • Reinstall the application via game store orapp store
  • confirm your phone number Using the code received by SMS
  • Restore last backup through the visible window

The searched photo will then appear in the same place in the conversation before it is deleted. however, be aware that all messages and media sent after the backup date will be lost. So before restoring the latest version, make sure that important messages are somehow protected.

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Recover Deleted Photo with Paid App

In cases where none of the previous methods were effective, you can approach a paid solution. With a simple Google search, you are presented with various applications to recover the deleted photo, for example Dr.Fone or iMyFone. However, this solution has some shortcomings.

First, the price to pay is relatively large: count between 20 and 50 euros to purchase a license. Latter, said apps often request system access If you are using Android, to your smartphone. Not really ideal if you want to preserve the integrity of your device or just for security reasons.

Moreover, the effectiveness of this software is far from guaranteed. Although many refrain from talking about it, recovering photos is much more difficult than messages. Therefore, before considering paying for a third-party application, we can only advise you to check that other methods do not apply to your case.

Be very careful before deleting a photo

Unfortunately the sad truth isRecovering a photo is complicated if you don’t have a copy or backup of WhatsApp obtain. Despite the recent controversy over personal data protection, the app uses a very advanced storage encryption system. They are also not kept on any servers, which makes the task difficult for any recovery program.

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The only real solution regularly back up your data to the cloud From the option found in Settings. It’s better to think twice before deleting a photo or message if you don’t want to have a copy after all. The more time passes after deletion, the less chance they have of restoring them.

We hope this guide has helped you anyway. If we forgot a method, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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