How to recover accidentally deleted data and photos on Android?

Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos on Android

Who has never experienced this? A sliding gesture, too many and presto gestures, vacation photos with Granny (or a lot more unspeakable photos) are directly deleted without further action. first you can’t be consoled great loss of these precious files. Wipe your tears, there is a solution.

and his name DiskDigger Photo Recovery. The app is free to recover accidentally deleted photos, but there is also a paid Pro version to recover other types of data. This cost 2,64 € on Play Store. Be it free or paid version, you need to root your smartphone or tablet for this solution to work fully. If this is not the case, you cannot explore the extent of it. Start by downloading the app by clicking the link below.

Trash in Play Store

  • If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a “limited” scan by searching the cache for your deleted photos. Therefore, only photos that have been accidentally deleted can be saved. (because the sectors of flash memory where they are physically stored are less likely to overwrite the system anyway).
  • If your device is rooted, the app will search all the photos in your device memory and also clean all traces of photos and deleted videos.
  • Select a partition to scan, then select file types to recover. To save a lot of time, we recommend: just select the desired file type.
  • When the search is initiated, the application starts displaying all the photos (deleted or not) found on your device. Scanning takes too long. So don’t lose your patience: you’ll finally find the photos you’re looking for.
  • Once found, select them and save locally or in the cloud.

This solution really works: it allows you to recover accidentally deleted photos. The sooner you use it after deletion, the better your chances of recovering images. Indeed, when files are deleted from your smartphone, they do not disappear from storage, they are simply deleted from the registry, making them invisible to the system. Physically, the files still exist until other data take its place. The longer you let time pass, the less likely you are to recover some or all of the deleted photos.

Second solution: an app that acts as a recycle bin

Some brands offer a trash can in Gallery by default. Any deleted images are first kept in a temporary folder that acts as a recycle bin (sometimes with a time limit to recover them before they are permanently deleted). Fortunately, there is a solution for models that cannot take advantage of this feature. His name garbage can.

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Once this app in Google Play Store is active, it can monitor major media files to save you from disaster under almost any conditions. Indeed, the application modestly runs in the background and plays the role of your favorite trash can on the computer. That’s enough to make the concept familiar to you! It will only be necessary to provide a mandatory prerequisite. trash will have to make must be installed before committing irreparable. It turns out, the app will not be able to recover a file that was deleted before installation. That’s the logic.


  • Downloaddump app on your precious Android device by clicking below.

Trash in Play Store

How to Configure Dumpster Efficiently

  • Accept the End User License Agreement.
  • Configure what happens files to be protected by clicking on/off. First, the default configuration should be suitable for most uses. Confirm then.

recover photos

  • after a while analysis of your files (it takes about ten seconds), you will reach the main screen of Dumpster.

recover deleted photos

  • The interface is very readable. You can sort by date, size, type and name in the upper right symbol.

recover photos android

  • Under the dumpster, it is possible to classifyview by file typevery practical function.

recover deleted photos android

Recover accidentally deleted file

  • From now on, any deleted file will appear in this window. very practical “basket”, this is an example with some nice photos. It’s just been deleted, so we find them here (with an Eternity Warriors 3 ad).

recover android photos

  • By clicking on the media type, here we find the Camera, oh joy, all the deleted files.

android deleted photos

  • Then, permanently delete everything or to optimize your smartphone storage. restore everything to device, also to select photos to recover. Magical!

Permanently delete all protected files

  • By default the application will back up all files selected during initial configuration.
  • It is still possible to specify. number of days or weeks before full deletion media saved by going to settings.

recover deleted photos android

  • Other option if you want delete files before this time (or because you disabled the previous function), simply go to the menu in the upper right.
  • Next “empty trash canAs stated, this action cannot be undone, so be careful!

recover android files

Now you have all the cards to avoid disaster. Finally, note that Dumpster does not monitor all files on the device, but only media specified on first install. Let’s give a very simple example. If you use a file explorer and delete an obscure .phn file, the file will actually be deleted.

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These are a few limitations of such an application. Finally, this tutorial uses the free version of the app. If you upgrade to the paid version (2.99 Euros), you can remove ad screens and keep permanent delete with a secret code. Practical if curious little ones have fun going to see your personal basket.

Did you encounter any difficulties? Do you have any comments to improve this tutorial? Tell us all about it in the comments to this article. To go even further, also follow this tutorial: How to backup all your data on Android.