How to Record Videos with Your iPhone at Concerts

If you’re going to a concert and want to record a short video to post on Facebook or Instagram, here’s how to properly record the video with your iPhone at concerts.

You can play your favorite artist at full volume for some kind of private concert in your home or car, but that’s not exactly the real thing. Going to concerts is perhaps the best and ultimate musical experience you can come across, which is why they’re so popular. Plus, it can be really cool to see your favorite musician playing live.

As with any other experience in life, you want to take a photo or record a video to have a physical copy of this memory, so you may feel the urge to record a short video at the concert. However, most videos shot on iPhone at a concert are pretty crappy due to the sound booming and the user being too far from the stage to capture anything clearly from afar.

That’s why we decided to come up with a few tips on how to record videos with your iPhone at concerts and hopefully turn those crappy concert videos into real works of art that many of your friends will enjoy watching.

Know When and When Not to Save

Okay, perhaps one of the most important rules when recording video at concerts is whether you can legally record video.

Some concert venues will say that video recording is prohibited, but that usually doesn’t stop people and if you get caught the attendants will likely tell you to put your phone away.

However, if you are allowed to record, you need to know when and where to record a great concert video on your iPhone. For example, if you’re really far from the stage, your video probably won’t look that good since you won’t be able to see anything, but if you’re high on cheap seats, it’s a really cool shot of a crowd making waves or something.

Of course, the best place is in the front of the stage, where you can get close enough to record a video where you can actually see the band or singer performing.

Use a Dedicated Camera App for Concerts

One of the most frustrating things you see at a concert is when the person in front of you picks up their phone and takes photos and videos with the bright screen directly in front of you. Sure, you already have bright lights shining on you, but you don’t need an iPhone LCD glowing in your eyes when you’re trying to enjoy a concert.

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If you’re the one recording video or taking photos, there’s a dedicated camera app that you can download and use for concerts.

The application is called whoand it is a free application available in the App Store. One of the great features of Kimd is that it automatically dims your iPhone’s screen to the lowest setting, from which you can take pictures and record videos.

Also, the app makes it easy to record videos without looking at the screen, as you just have to hold down the record button to shoot the video and release it when you’re done.

Turn off the microphone

Most concert videos you’ve probably seen recorded on an iPhone have the audio completely gone, but there’s a little trick you can use next time you’re recording video at a concert.

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All you have to do is cover the microphone with your hand. The microphone on the iPhone is at the bottom where the speaker is. Simply put your hand on the grill. This keeps the sound muffled, but the music is so loud that your iPhone picks up enough of the sound and when you play it later, it will sound much clearer.

You can also get a removable third-party microphone that can record sound a little better, but you probably don’t want to carry it around at a crowded concert.

Just Zoom Out Your iPhone

Honestly, the best thing you can do is put your iPhone aside and enjoy the concert.

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This is understandable if you want to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram, so if you absolutely want to do that, take a photo at the beginning or end of the concert and then carry your iPhone in your pocket. .

Concerts are there so you can watch your favorite band or artist live instead of looking at your iPhone’s screen.

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