How to Record iPhone Call

Here is a guide on how to record an iPhone call.

iPhone is a great device for talking on the phone or even conferencing with peers and family. However, there are times when a person might want to record an iPhone call, perhaps for a meeting or commemoration purpose.

The iPhone Phone app does not include it as a native feature, but with the help of some third-party apps and workarounds, there are ways to record your phone conversations!

Be sure to check if recording phone calls is legal in your state. In some places you just need to know that you are recording. In others, you have to notify the person you are talking to that you have recorded the iPhone call.

How to Record iPhone Call

Here are different ways to record your iPhone calls.

Watch the video above for the steps to record calls on your iPhone.

Using an App Store App

The easiest way to deal is to let another service do it for you. There are multiple options with the ability to record calls.

The way most of these get to the recording is to use the iPhone’s capabilities to connect to a third party (app) and essentially record the end of the conversation. After researching a few different options, it seems like a worthwhile bet.

There is a Lite version of this app and it will definitely be good for a test as it only lets you listen to your recording. The full version only allows unlimited recording of your incoming and outgoing calls. Even the website has options for $7.99 per year.

Starting a call and then opening TapeACall will prompt you to start recording the call. If you receive an incoming call, you must open the call to open the app and start recording. All recordings will be able to be transferred to a computer and saved for later use.


Don’t forget to check your country’s voice recording to make sure you won’t have any legal issues while recording the call. Be sure to let your friend know that you have registered.

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Using Skype or Google Voice

Similar to using an App, there are other ways to add another program to the search and save your search. For things like phone calls or important business meetings, using something like a third party or something like recording will help.

Skype has multiple plug-ins that can be used to record calls such as those that can be used as a third party and can be used to record calls directly to your computer (it can also be used to record FaceTime Calls).


If you press the 4 key on your touchpad, Google Voice has an option to start recording in its settings. This is a setting you need to enable in your Google Voice settings and preferably your GV phone number should be the phone number to contact you. Using from GV will make this easier to achieve, that way you don’t have to involve a third party in a three-way call.

Recording phone calls is something we usually don’t realize we have to do until the moment arrives, so it’s a great idea to have a few different options at your fingertips. I’ve used Skype quite extensively to record calls from both my computer and my iPhone. Other third-party options are also great because they take on a potentially tedious and time-consuming task and make it simple for you for only a small fee.

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