How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

There are many software available to save and stream your game footage from your PC. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is one of the most popular software on the market, but it is not the simplest to use. There are other software such as Xsplit, FFsplit, dxtory, etc. but they didn’t make the process much easier either. Fortunately, for folks with PCs or laptops with NVIDIA graphics cards (NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti or higher), GeForce Experience software makes the process a whole lot easier. Well then, let’s take a look How to record and stream game using NVIDIA GeForce Experience:

Download GeForce Experience

You can download the software from GeForce website. File size 79MB, which is not big at all, so you’ll be able to download it in minutes. Sorry, software available only for windows. If you have a Mac, you’re out of luck if you’re not running Windows using bootcamp. Now that you’ve completed the installation process, let’s move on to the configuration process:

Configure GeForce Experience

We will save and share our gameplay footage via GeForce Experience’s Share Overlay, previously called “Shadowplay”. Before using this, make sure you have the latest driver for your graphics card. Also, you must enable the Share feature from the software’s settings. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open Nvidia GeForce Experience and click on it. “Gear icon” in the top right, it will take you to the settings. Here, you will be able to notice Share option, you can open it to access the overlay. Once you have this enabled, you will be able to access the Share Overlay from anywhere by simply clicking it. Alt+Z.

  • You can now connect your social networking accounts to GeForce Experience, upload your recordings or stream your gameplay footage to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can publish to services. Alt+Z -> Settings -> Connect and click on the services you want to connect GeForce Experience to.

How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • To connect to these services, you will be directed to the login pages of the respective services, where you will be asked to enter your username and password. This is a one-time operation only.
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How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Record Gameplay using GeForce Experience

Before you start recording gameplay, you should configure the recording quality according to your needs. The file size of your recording may vary depending on the configuration you choose. You can easily do this by clicking. Alt+Z -> Save -> Customize.

  • Here you can select the recording quality. Low, Middle, High or Tradition. Moreover customize frame rate and solution which goes up to 2160p 4K.

How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • Once configured, you can save your gameplay footage by clicking it. Alt+Z -> Save -> Start. When you’re done recording, you can stop it by clicking. Alt+Z -> Save -> Stop and Save. You also have the option to upload the recorded video directly to Facebook or YouTube if your social accounts are linked.

How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • By default, these recordings are saved in: C:\Users\(Username)\Videos, in case you want to access the game video files directly.

Streaming Gameplay using GeForce Experience

With GeForce Experience’s Share Overlay, streaming your gameplay footage online is an absolute breeze. Once your social networks are connected, you can go live immediately with just a few clicks. But before you start streaming, make sure you configure your streaming quality according to your preferences. You should configure this according to your PC hardware and Internet bandwidth as both are absolutely crucial in determining a smooth and stable stream.

  • You can configure your broadcast by going to Alt+Z -> Publish -> Customize, then the following menu will open on your screen. you will be able to customize yours stream quality, solution, bitrate and frame rate Separately for Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. When you’re done, click save.

How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  • When you are done with the configuration process, you can start the game streaming process by just clicking. Alt+Z -> Publish -> Launch. You will now be able to choose between Facebook, YouTube or Twitch to update the description for your stream. After completing this,BE LIVE” To start the broadcast When you have completed the stream, you can stop the broadcast by clicking the icon. Alt+Z -> Publish -> Stop.

How to Record and Stream Gameplay Using NVIDIA GeForce ExperienceWell, that was easy, wasn’t it? If you’re unfamiliar with GeForce Experience or have used other software before, you’ll be surprised how easy the whole process is. The performance boost you will experience due to simultaneous gaming and streaming with this software is minimal. However, this also depends on your PC hardware, so it will vary from person to person.

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GeForce Experience Alternative for Users with AMD GPUs

Don’t worry AMD users, we hear you. If you thought you came here to understand that the software only works for users with NVIDIA graphics cards, we’ve got you covered. AMD Game Development It is a software that can be considered as a worthy alternative to NVIDIA GeForce Experience, allowing you to save and stream your gameplay footage quite easily. Because streaming options are limited to Twitch only, Facebook in GeForce Experience does not offer the flexibility of GeForce Experience compared to YouTube and Twitch. Other than that, the software is pretty clean overall and better than most other third-party software still out there.

AMD gaming evolution

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Easily Record and Stream Gameplay with GeForce Experience

As you can see, GeForce Experience is one of the easiest recording and streaming software you can use. You don’t need to be a technician to play with it. The UI is pretty clean and should appeal to most consumers out there. Well, now that you know how to set it up and start sharing your content with GeForce Experience, why not give it a try and tell us how the process went? If you are an AMD user, try AMD Gaming Evolved and let us know your feedback about the software. Also, if you’d like to see tutorials for similar software in the future, make sure your voice is heard in the comments section below.