How to receive Android notifications on your PC or Mac?

Be careful here, we will only talk about receiving notifications and not responding to them. Other software allow this and we have already mentioned them in another tutorial. But most of the time it is enough to get notifications on your computer and it is much easier to use than other solutions.

Here we will mainly discuss two possibilities, one of which applies to both PC and Mac, but goes through Chrome or Firefox. The other only applies to computers with Windows 10 installed.

How to receive Android notifications on your PC or Mac?

Using Desktop Notifications

Again, thanks to an application, you will be able to receive all your notifications directly to your computer and you will see that there is nothing simpler than that. for him you need 3 things : The app on Android, the add-on for your browser (here Chrome or Firefox) and of course a Google account.

First download the Chrome extension here or for Firefox here. Then download the app right below:

  • Open the extension in your browser and link your Google account
  • Do the same with the app on your smartphone and don’t forget to allow access to notifications as well.

  • Run a notification test to see if the connection is good
  • In the settings, you’ll be able to manage many things, such as choosing whether to receive notifications only when on Wi-Fi or via mobile data. Moreover select the apps you want to be notified about on your computer. You will have to wait a bit as you can only set up an app when you receive a notification from it.

Using Cortana on Windows 10 and Android

We already told you about this, but now it’s official, with Cortana on Android you will be able to get all notifications and anniversary update equipped with the latest version of Windows. We also explained to you how to get it faster.

For this, first Download Cortana’s APK from here (we checked it’s not malware ;)) then install it. Unfortunately the app is still in English, but here we use it more for notifications than anything else. Then you should:

  • Open the app and link your Microsoft account
  • Go to settings on the left and then “Sync Notifications”
  • Allow “Synchronization of app notifications” by allowing access to notifications that Cortana has requested from you
  • As for desktop notifications, you can choose which app you want to sync.

Here we hope this little tutorial will be useful for you, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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