How to Quit Frozen iPhone Apps?

iPod Touch and iPhone are good at closing malfunctioning apps, but if your iPhone crashes on a malfunctioning app, you don’t need to reboot to fix the problem.

Frozen apps are a pain, especially if you can’t double tap the home button to open and exit recently used apps.

Instead of restarting your iPod touch or iPhone, you can force quit frozen apps in seconds and get back to your music.

Force Quit Frozen Apps

If your iPhone is frozen, this step will exit the offending app.

1. as if you are turning off the iPhone.

Swipe to close

2. When “Slide To Close” is displayed, .

3. In a few seconds, iPhone returns to your home screen.

This will close the frozen iPhone app.

If the iPhone or iPod Touch freezes again when the app is opened, users will need to perform a full reboot and check for updates.

iPhone and iPod Touch apps often crash instead of crashing, so you won’t need this trick very often, but it’s a handy sequence to remember if you need to quickly reopen a frozen app.

Restarting the iPhone or iPod Touch will work, but for users taking notes, trying to switch to the camera for a quick snapshot, or recording a lecture.

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