How to Prevent Your iPhone Cable from Falling Off Your Desk?

If you want quick access to your iPhone’s charging cable while at your desk, here’s how you can mount the cable on your desk without falling off the edge and falling on the floor.

We’ve all been there: you charge your iPhone only to discover that the Lightning cable has fallen behind the desk, and now you have to start a fun game by reaching behind the desk or picking it up. kneel and get under the table to get the cable. It’s an annoying first world problem, and it’s pretty funny when it happens to someone else, but it’s definitely not something to laugh about when it happens to you.

Often, people can think of temporary ways to keep their cables from falling off their desks, whether by placing a paperweight over the cable or balancing the weight precisely so that gravity doesn’t pick it up. But these quick fixes are mostly temporary.

That said, there are a few tricks you can use and a few inexpensive accessories you can buy to ensure your iPhone’s charging cable stays on your desk without the risk of falling off.

Cable Retention Accessories

You’re not the only one tired of iPhone cables constantly falling off their desks. This is a big problem and many companies have addressed this issue. That means there are a few accessories available that keep your cables on you to prevent them from falling out from the side, but still allow for maneuverability.

Cable Drop is my favorite accessory for this. For just a few dollars, a Cable Drops set that you can cling to your desk and prevent your cables from falling off the edge of your desk, but still leave room for you to pull and move your cables.

Another accessory I like is interesting CordiesThis gives you only one main piece to attach to your desk and has space for four different cables to fit between slots that keep them in place when you’re not using them.

If you want to buy a cable retention accessory, which is probably available in most stores, you can check it out. 3M’s Command Cable Clipsthey are mostly for keeping cables in place on the wall, but they can also work well on your desk.

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Benefit From Household Goods

We don’t blame you if you’re too cheap to buy these accessories, especially since you can replicate the functionality with basic everyday household items.

The most popular option reliable binder clip, where you attach it to the edge of your desk and run your iPhone cable through the metal handles. From there, the binder clip holds the cable in place and prevents it from falling off the table.

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you can even combine simple magnets with binder clips getting rid of metal handles and aiming for a more aesthetic appearance.

even something as simple as a tab of bread It can be used as a cable holder from your bread bag at the end of your desk. It’s probably not the best-looking solution, but by doing almost nothing, you can prevent a major cable problem from happening again.

You can even go as far as to create almost invisible cable catchers This blends in with your desk so they’re hard to see, that way they don’t mess up the design of your workspace if you’re dealing with that sort of thing.

I’ve also heard of iPhone owners using tiny velcro strips that they attach to their charging cables and then attach the other piece to the table, which seems to work pretty well.

In the end, the options are almost endless as there are so many different products you can use to fix such a frustrating problem. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to.