How to Prevent Your Apple TV Remote From Crashing

If you’re unsure of its durability, here’s how to prevent your Apple TV remote from breaking down.

The new Apple TV is out and available for purchase, and many buyers who bought the new set-top box when it was released took delivery of their units.

The new streaming box is a major overhaul over the Apple TV 3, which comes with all sorts of new features, including a native Apple TV app store, Siri functionality, the ability to play games, and even an all-new remote. complete package.

The new remote comes with a built-in trackpad and motion sensors, as well as a Siri button and microphone for voice searches on Apple TV. And instead of communicating with the Apple TV via IR sensors, it uses Bluetooth and charges via a Lightning port on the bottom.

While the remote itself is a nifty little device, it’s not without flaws. That is, the built-in trackpad is a glass trackpad, which is a much better material than plastic or aluminum, as it glides over your finger much more easily and naturally. However, glass is quite fragile, and broken Apple TV remotes are starting to appear in the wild.

If you’re someone who tends to be more careful, here’s how to prevent your Apple TV remote from breaking down.

Get Remote Loop

Because many games on the new Apple TV require you to move the remote around (thanks to the motion sensors), it’s more likely to slip out of your hand and break it.

Therefore, it may be wise to invest. Apple’s Far Cycleit’s actually just a strap that you wear on your wrist so that if the remote flies out of your hand, it won’t travel far as it’s attached to your wrist.

It’s a small price to pay for this type of accessory, especially if it saves you spending $79 for a spare remote.

Get a Protective Sleep

An alternative to the Remote Loop is a protective case, which is basically a case for your Apple TV remote.


This would come in handy if the remote was dropped on the floor or flew across the room. The protective case provides protection of the remote case and some protection of the glass trackpad from shattering.

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The only Apple TV remote protective case we know so far, Griffin Survivor GameIt looks like a great accessory for the Apple TV remote and serves a vital function. Unfortunately, it is not yet available, but it will be released fairly soon in the near future.

Avoid Hard Floors

While this is sometimes impossible, it’s best to avoid using your Apple TV in a room with hard floors such as hardwood or tile. Of course, if your living room has hardwood floors, there’s really nothing you can do about it, but at least it’s something to keep in mind.

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However, if your remote does fall, you can get an area rug so it doesn’t fall on the soft carpet and break. Sure, I know it seems silly to buy an area rug to protect your Apple TV remote, but it’s still a good thing to buy to beautify the look of your living room.

Otherwise, try to keep the Apple TV remote in carpeted areas if possible. Hardwood floors are a huge hit in many homes right now, so it’s easier said than done.

Set a Reserved Location for Storage

If you often suffer from things accidentally falling off the coffee table, it might be a good idea to set up a special place to stash your Apple TV remote when you’re not using it.


This can be a pouch next to your sofa where you can slide the remote to store it, or you can be extra stylish and get a cool stand for the remote. Studio Neat makes a simple yet elegant Apple TV remote stand that you can put anywhere.

You can even get one of these anti-slip adhesive pads this prevents gadgets from slipping. This is perhaps the least expensive solution you can make, but the key is to be proactive.

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