How to Pre-Order Batman Arkham Knight Extras

Batman: Arkham Knight It lives up to expectations when it hits store shelves on June 23. Developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, Batman: Arkham Knight It is the last major release in a series of games that do what other games can’t. For years, superhero video games were a virtual dump of bad storytelling, bad game mechanics, and cheap cheats. It had nothing in the way of becoming best-selling games for a superhero franchise—at least it wasn’t based on a comic book. it was Batman Arkham Asylum, with a friendly combat system and a great story that started it all.

For such an important game, Batman Arkham Knight pre-orders are as complex as can be. If buying a video game is a superhero fantasy in itself, Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order buyers will need their own decoder ring. Here is a full breakdown Batman Arkham Knight Pre-orders and other versions of the game with add-on content that you can purchase before the game is released.

Best place to start when researching Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order details are pre-order specific information. There are tons of them Batman: Arkham Knight, by specific region and more. It’s a shame because getting this content will be important to many people, if this is the last game in the series, users will want to experience it as much as possible.

You’ll likely notice some consistency in these pre-order details. In general, there are three main types. Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order bonuses. These are skins, challenge maps, and story missions. Skins match your character and give you the opportunity to customize your Batman’s appearance. Battle Maps are private rooms where users can play to collect points and compare with other players. The story missions are separate from the main campaign but add their own narrative.

Retail Store Editions


The Harley Quinn Pack includes both story missions and challenge maps. anyone who has Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-ordering worldwide will get this pack absolutely free.

red hood-batman-arkham-knight

Red Hood is one of Batman’s false allies. His violent nature isn’t fully endorsed by Batman, but he fights the same criminals that Batman does. Shoppers from GameStop in the United States, EB Games in Canada, Game in the United Kingdom will receive Red Hood Missions and Challenge Maps when they pre-order.


Those who want to make their Batman look like Batman in the cartoon Beyond Batman You must pre-order and purchase the game from Steam, the PC video game download service available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. These skins are also exclusive to Steam in Australia, the UK, and Canada.

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Inside Batman: Arkham Knight The Batmobile is pretty much a starring character. It has weapon upgrades, can be summoned in most cases, and is pretty much involved in the game’s combat. Players can customize the look of their Batmobile just like Batman himself. There’s a Prototype Batmobile skin for anyone who signs up for. Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-order at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is also giving its users a $5 credit to use for its Vudu video streaming service. It looks like only players in Australia will be able to access the Prototype Batmobile skin outside of the United States.

le-waynetech-booster pack

The WayneTech Booster Pack is a set of upgrades you get when you pre-order at Best Buy to boost your character. They’re not necessarily must-haves, but they can make early levels in the game quite interesting. The Wayne Tech Booster Pack includes Explosive Gel Removal, Aerial Juggle, the ability to glide bataring, and a weapon upgrade for the Batmobile. Best Buy Canada will offer the Wayne Tech Booster Pack for purchasers. Batman: Arkham Knight pre order. Tesco will offer the package in the UK and JB Hi-Fi will handle the upgrade package in Australia.

this Microsoft Store Harley Quinn doesn’t offer any story-related content beyond its mission, and challenges map packs that anyone who pre-orders the game gets for free. Instead, it’s giving out stores to anyone who pre-orders. Batman: Arkham Knight A $10 credit redeemable in the Xbox Store for extra content, television shows, music videos, or other games. The Xbox Store offers a Digital Premiums Edition for $89.99 that includes all season pass content for the game.

Users who purchased the game from the PlayStation Store will receive a special Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Theme to use on consoles in the United States and Canada.

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Sony offers a customized PS4 console for: Batman: Arkham Knight buyers. In addition, Sony has an agreement with Warner Brothers that guarantees its users access to exclusive extras. These special extras include a classic TV Batman skin, a classic TV Batmobile skin, access to the Justice League Unlimited 3000 Batman skin and Scarecrow’s Nightmare missions. These pieces of content will eventually come to players on other consoles. A discounted Digital Premium download version is also available on PlayStation Store for $10 off the regular price. This version gets users all season pass content.

Batman Arkham Knight Pre-order shoppers abroad expect to make a little more money from retailers not located in the United States. Tesco, a UK retail store, offers a custom Steelbook case and only one controller skin.

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Special edition Steelbook case and Batmobile edition packs are purely Batman: Arkham Knight Buyers who pre-order at EB Games in Australia.


Batman: Arkham Knight It’s only coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs on June 23. It won’t come to Xbox 360 or PS3. xbox, play station and Steam It offers a $10 discount to those who buy the game and the season pass together. Normally, these all-in-one digital bundles cost $99.