How to Play Your Videos in a Floating Window on Android

Obviously, when we talk about videos on Android, we will talk about VLC, and it is actually VLC that will allow us to play videos in a floating window on our smartphones and tablets. And it must be admitted that even as the screens of our smartphones get bigger, it will be more practical on tablets. Screens from 5 to 5.5 inches seem to be becoming the norm…

Recently the app was upgraded to 2.0 on Android, becoming an extremely powerful multimedia tool and even closer to what is done on the computer. Let’s see together one of the most practical features today, the possibility of playing a video in a floating window to continue navigating on the smartphone (very useful, for example, when you follow a tutorial and want to do the manipulation at the same time).

How to Play Video in Floating Window on Android

Of course, the first thing to do is download the VLC app with the link below:


Then open VLC and do the following:

  • Choose a video
  • start the second
  • click 3 small dots
  • to push square with dotted line
  • Now your video plays in a floating window that you can move around

You will be able to stretch or reduce the size of the window with the movement of two fingers, pinch or open fingers according to desired action (like zooming for simplicity).

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Here, we hope this little tutorial will be useful to you. You should know that some manufacturers have this option in the basic settings of their video players, this is especially true for Samsung. If you have any questions, the comments are there for it.

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