How to Play Original Xbox Games on Xbox One

Microsoft is bringing original Xbox games to Xbox One soon. Therefore, you can finally play Xbox games on Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play original Xbox games on Xbox One and the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program update.

The Xbox One Backward Compatibility program started out as a way to produce games for Xbox 360 on Xbox One. You can buy hundreds of Xbox 360 games today and play them on your Xbox One. If you already own a digital copy of the game, the game will automatically appear in your library. You can also insert your original game disc to unlock it.

That’s exactly how playing original Xbox games on Xbox One works.

When Can You Play Original Xbox Games on Xbox One?

At E3 2017, Microsoft announced that it’s adding original Xbox games to its Xbox One Backward Compatibility lineup. But the program update doesn’t reach everyone until October 24. That’s when you can start installing your original Xbox games on your system.

What Features Are Included in Original Xbox Games on Xbox One?

Most original Xbox games added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility work the same as the day they were released. Each game has a story mode where players play with the original title. If there is a glitch that works in the original version, Microsoft’s teams have left it as is.

Xbox One X and Xbox One X

There is a big change in multiplayer games. You cannot use Xbox Live Gold to play original Xbox games with people over the internet. Instead, you should use the game’s System Link feature to play with other people. System connection allows you to pair two Xbox One consoles together to create your own mini multiplayer network without internet access.

Original Xbox games should work the same as any other game on Xbox One. New game saves you create for your original Xbox games are synced across consoles when you sign in. You can capture screenshots and share video clips as well.

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How to Play Original Xbox Games on Xbox One on Disc

Playing your original Xbox games on Xbox One is easy when you have a disc. Unbox the game and place it on the Blu-Ray drive on your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X. Your console will download a digital file if it’s available in the program and you’re connected to Xbox Live. The version of the game you can play. You have to insert that disc every time you want to play it. The Backward Compatibility Program does not convert physical games into digital games that you can play without a disc.

How to Get Original Xbox Games to Play on Xbox One

If you don’t have the original Xbox game to play on Xbox One, discover: Game Pause, eBay and Amazon. Each of these sites sells games for the original Xbox. Starting October 24, you can also purchase digital copies of original Xbox games from the Microsoft Store app on your console.

What Original Xbox Games Can You Play On Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Xbox One Backward Compatibility does not apply to every original Xbox game. As with Xbox 360 games, games must pass Microsoft’s testing, and the company must make deals with the game’s publisher to resell them.

There are 13 original Xbox games you can play on Xbox One today.

Again, all these games join the current Xbox One Backward Compatibility lineup. It already includes hundreds of games and Microsoft is adding more all the time. Even if an original Xbox game you want isn’t on the schedule today, the company may add it in the future.

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