How to Play Nintendo DS Games on iPhone with iOS 8.4

World-renowned Japanese video game maker Nintendo is responsible for dozens of games’ most popular titles. Mario, Metroid, Zelda they are all franchises that owe their existence to Nintendo and the many video game consoles it has produced over the years. Until fairly recently, buying a Nintendo game meant you absolutely had to have a Nintendo-made console to play. That’s still the case today, but video game emulators are changing that a bit. nds4ios is a very popular iPhone, iPad and iPod app that acts as a way for users to skip purchasing new hardware and play Nintendo DS games on iPhone and more.

Here’s how to play Nintendo DS games on iPhone running iOS 8.4 and using nds4ios.

Before we get started, there are some important things you should know. First, no matter where you look at it, playing Nintendo DS games on an iPhone instead of Nintendo’s hardware means you’re going to have to break some rules. Strictly speaking, Nintendo has the right to do everything in its power to prevent its software from being found elsewhere. Second, you’ll need to get nds4ios outside of the iTunes App Store, which means you’ll be playing outside of Apple’s walled but safe garden.

Head here To download NDS4iOS directly from the website. You can’t get it directly from the iTunes Store, as Apple doesn’t allow apps that might violate copyright protection through the certification process.

Some emulators require you to jailbreak your iPhone before you can make software changes. Don’t worry, NDS4iOS doesn’t. The developer uses a loophole in Apple’s enterprise apps policy to allow the app to be downloaded to devices running iOS. This loophole only works as long as Apple leaves it open for nds4ios to exploit.

Tap the button on the NDS4iOS BuildStore login subscription so you can register your device and access nd4iOS. If you don’t have an account yet, fill in the registration information.

nds4iOS (3)

After signing up, you need to register your iOS device with the service.

nds4iOS (2)

Tap the menu button at the top of your screen. Tap now. Now tap to start the recording process.

nds4iOS (1)

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Tap on

nds4iOS (5)

Tap on

nds4iOS (6)

Tap in the top right corner of your screen and go to Store. To search .

nds4iOS (7)

You will now be prompted to make a $9.99 purchase to download the app to your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet. This is unavoidable and you have to pay via PayPal to get the app.

nds4iOS (4)

nds4ios recommends IPA Installer for installing apps outside of the iTunes App Store. Offers the best Cydia Tweaks software here. Now that you are interested in the actual NDS4iOS setup, you will need to buy some games to play with it.

By default NDS4iOS does not come with all the games you want. Instead, you have to download each game or what is called a ROM from various sources. The most responsible thing for you to do is to copy the files you need from the games you already have. Unofficially, you can download NDS roms from: directly to your iPhone.

nds4iOS (8)

Now after unzipping these files you will need to move them to the appropriate folder. IZip Pro works just fine for this and is actually available now. iTunes App Store. CoolRom recommends iFile. You want to put the file in the folder: /var/mobile/Applications/nds4ios.

You’re done now. Again, make sure you’re comfortable with downloading cracked files and spending time on installation rather than having the comfort of purchasing the game for your Nintendo DS.

Also know that you’re playing Nintendo DS Games on iPhone on iOS 8.4 at the time you borrowed it. Apple doesn’t seem very positive about downloading content separately from its store. In fact, the company is effectively closing security vulnerabilities with every software update that makes emulators increasingly difficult to run. The loop hole nds4ios uses won’t be open forever. It may take two months or six months, but eventually Apple will shut it down.

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