How to Play Games and Watch TV on Xbox One

Before Microsoft changed its marketing message, Xbox One, its latest video game console, was meant to be an all-in-one entertainment experience. Microsoft no longer talks about the many entertainment benefits of owning an Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean many of them are still out there. at the same time.

This functionality builds on what Microsoft calls App Snapping. It’s a feature borrowed from Windows 8 tablets, desktops, laptops, and 2-in-1s. When things work, it’s pretty simple. Application capture splits the television screen into two separate areas. An area is about 70% of the screen and is where you want to put your primary focus when gaming or browsing the Xbox Store. Another application takes up the other 30%. Unlike Windows 8, app capture on Xbox One isn’t something you can change; For example, broken apps cannot be moved to the left edge of the screen.

Application capture is incredibly useful. In fact, in some cases it is absolutely necessary if you want to do two things on the console at the same time – like listening to music and playing games at the same time. Here’s how to game and watch TV on Xbox One, or really open two separate apps on Xbox One for some multitasking.

Before you begin, you must have configured the television application to display all types of video content. This is not covered in this tutorial, but Must Be Mobile previously covered.

with controller

First, press the power button on your Xbox One to turn on your console. You can also press the Xbox logo on your Xbox One wireless controller or say “Xbox, On” if you have a Kinect 2 sensor. You’ll want to sign in if the console doesn’t automatically recognize you, or if you have multiple Xbox Live Accounts set up to interact with the device.

There are many little different ways to capture an app. First, let’s review the process with the controller. On the home screen, there is a tile labeled My Games & Apps. Use the joystick and A button on your Xbox One wireless controller to select.

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (2)

You are immediately taken to the Snap menu, the list, and the My Games & Apps Area. By default, your cursor will only appear on the right side of the screen in the Snap menu for now. No problem, select the app you want to capture from the list of available apps. For this example, we will paste the TV app to the edge of our screen.

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Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (3)

Now press the glowing white button to return to the Home screen on your Xbox One. Don’t worry, this won’t close the app you just selected. When you return to the home screen, you will see a new white selector that currently highlights only one side of your screen. Move the joystick on your controller once to highlight the other 70%. Now press the button on your remote.

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (5)

You will notice that you can now freely scroll through the list of installed apps and games. Go ahead and select the game you want to take up a larger portion of your screen. To be clear, you can have other apps take over this part of the screen.

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (8)

with Kinect

Like almost everything available on Xbox One, Snapping apps are facilitated by the Kinect 2 sensor. For those hooked up to their console, catching apps is as simple as a few voice commands.

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (9)

First raise your right or left hand and use gestures to select the app or game you want to take over more of your screen. You can also say the name of the app or game you want to open. For this example we use Titan Falls so we used this command, “”

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (10)

Titan Falls It is now open and ready to play. Now say, “.” Don’t forget to change the name of any app you want to stick to the edge of your screen with TV. You can simply say “Xbox, Snap” to get a list of apps you can multitask with.

Gaming and Watching TV on Xbox One (11)

Say “” to move between two different panes on your screen.

Many of Xbox One’s most used apps can be closed. However, the same does not work for games. You cannot capture a game and have it occupy 30% of your screen. When a game is opened, it will always take up a larger portion of your screen. Despite Microsoft’s insistence that closing apps don’t affect games performance, only one app does: Xbox Music. All other apps work just fine, but if you’re streaming using Microsoft’s Music Pass service, Xbox Music will slow down your Xbox One.