How to Play Amazon Cloud Drive Music on iOS

Amazon’s new Cloud Player and Drive music storage and streaming service is a great way to back up your music and transfer it to almost any computer. there is a android application to play music on these devices. But for now iOS devices are not supported. But there is a way to play one song at a time. We show you how.

We assume you have it set. Cloud Drive with at least one music file. If not, see First look at Amazon Cloud Drive.

From your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, navigate to: Cloud Drive and if you haven’t signed it yet, sign it.

Amazon Cloud Drive Song playing on iPad

  1. Select your music folder and then select the playlist
  2. You will see the music folder in the left sidebar. Tap the link to open it.
  3. A list of all your music will open. Select the band you want to listen to.
  4. Albums will appear below the name. Select the album and all its songs will be listed in the main window.
  5. Select a song and tap the Download button at the top of the list.
  6. After a short wait, the song will download and start playing in Safari.

This is the only way we know of to play songs on an iOS device until Amazon or someone else creates an app for iOS. We expect that to happen, but don’t be surprised if Apple rejects it for spoofing built-in functions or for some other fraudulent reason. It wouldn’t be right if they did, but don’t be surprised.

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