How to Perform MyPlayer Face Scan in NBA 2K17?

published annually NBA 2K Comes with dozens of feature upgrades. In recent years, there has not been a new feature that pleases or upsets the fans of the series as much as face scanning. NBA2K17, This year’s entry into the series includes some big changes for face scanning and MyPlayer, which Visual Concepts hopes will streamline the process.

With camera accessories from both Sony and Microsoft, Visual Concepts designed face scanning as a kind of easy access launcher for the MyPlayer experience. Those new to MyPlayer can use cameras connected to their Xbox or PlayStation to scan their faces, rather than messing around with individual settings. The game would then do all the hard work. He studied facial features and then needed to add that face to MyPlayer. Sometimes it worked. Other times, players have ended up with players not even remotely looking at themselves.

Inside NBA2K17, Visual Concepts has discontinued support for video game console cameras. So you cannot capture a Face Scan using the Kinect sensor for Xbox One or the PlayStation Camera. You will need internet access and a modern smartphone.

Getting Your Face Scan in NBA 2K17

The first part of scanning your face NBA 2K17 includes your smartphone. You need to sign up and install the newly revamped app from: Google Play store and iTunes App Store. The application is completely free. Have your login details ready for Xbox, PlayStation or Steam.

Once installed, open the app on your device’s home screen.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (1)

Convert MyTeam Mobile to NBA 2K17 inside the app.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (2)

Because the app needs a way to communicate with its copy NBA 2K17 when you purchase, flipping the switch will force the app to ask you to sign in with your Xbox Live, Steam, or PlayStation Network credentials. Go ahead and do this now.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (3)

After completing all the prompts you will be dropped to the home screen of the app. Faucet .

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (11)

Accept the Terms of Service for Face Scans. You also need to give the app permission to use your device’s camera.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (13)

Keep swiping from left to right until you see the blue button that lets you start your scan.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (14)

You will need to slowly move your head from left to right. Your phone will automatically start taking your photos when it detects motion. Visual Concepts encourages users to hold their friends’ phones and scan instead of holding their phone to their face, but both work. If you continue to receive distorted scans, try scanning outside or in your home where there is more natural light. Remove any hats, jackets or glasses you are wearing.

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NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (15)

When you’re done. Choose .

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (18)

Using Your Face Scan in NBA 2K17

Now you need to move on to the game itself.

Go to the area and choose from the list of options.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (25)

Choose now. At this point, the game will reach the 2K servers and will start to analyze the photos you have taken with the MyNBA 2K17 application. Once the game starts using scans, the counter bar at the bottom of your screen will fill up.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (22)

The text above your finalized scan is an indication of how well your scan went. For example, the game noted that ours is above average detail. Your scan will look pixelated until it’s used to create your character’s face. Select it when the scan is finished.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (21)

Now your scan should be in final form. Using the joysticks on your controller, you should be able to rotate the face from the left to type and measure how. If there are any flaws you are bothered about, remove your iPhone or Android device and try to perform the face scan again.

NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (20)

Since scanning only looks at facial features, you have to add hair and adjust any features that are not to your liking. You will be prompted to save your progress when you try to leave the MyPlayer editor.NBA 2K17 My Player Face Scan (19)

That’s all for MyPlayer Face Scans. Obviously, Visual Concepts didn’t streamline the whole process, but the studio has worked behind the scenes to fix some of the degradation issues that have plagued the franchise in the past.