How to open your SIM door easily without special tool?

Remember when smartphones allowed us to easily remove the battery and access various slots reserved for SIM or micro SD? Is not it difficult? Indeed, the evolution of the designs of our smartphones means that this possibility is quickly fading.

The reasons are many. With the Xiaomi Mi Mix, we will of course consider monolithic designs that are more aesthetically successful and provide much more craziness to the manufacturer, such as the new round and bezel-less smartphones.

But the biggest valid reason will continue to be the increasing popularity of IP68 certification, which makes our phones waterproof and waterproof up to 1 meter. Perfect for the small kitchens of everyday life as well as for the holidays.

The problem is that all this makes it difficult to perform an action: change the SIM or even the micro SD card in your device in one swipe when there are no small special tools on it. Don’t panic: MacGyver went to the writing team to advise us.

These everyday objects can help you unlock your smartphone’s SIM door.

You’ll have to be smart to be able to open the lid without tools. In reality, it’s just a matter of pressing the bottom of a cylinder to push the cover forward. And for that, we will need to find an object that is thin and delicate enough to be successful in operation. Here’s what we use in troubleshooting:


We rarely think about it, but one of the first things we can find in ourselves or our friends is none other than the perfect SIM door opener: an earring! It’s ubiquitous because it’s practical, you can even use it as an excuse to start a conversation in the evening. “Oh dear, I need to plug in my micro SD to continue taking pictures of this gorgeous evening, but I don’t have the tool with me” is the best pick line.


We are not talking, of course, of the instrument here, but of the small object that allows to hold plates between them. A paper clip is the perfect size to fit a phone. This is a number used by all sellers in mobile stores, trust us.

Pins and badges

Are you the type to personalize your bags and outfits by adding badges and badges here and there? Note that most small badges have a handle that is thin enough to be used as a troubleshooting SIM door opener. Handy on the go! Go easy though, it’s sharp.

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In the field of ultra-thin metal rods, we do no better than the good old needle! Who would have thought that in this contemporary age, so far from the modern tool, it would have a double benefit? If you have something to patch up your torn socks, you have something to open your hatch silently. Again very soft: sharp.


To get out of complex situations, you must know how to be creative. Take a look around: Don’t you have a poster hanging on the wall? The little nails holding it in can also serve as a makeshift tool if they are long enough!


You have no friends around, no posters, no offices, you don’t like pines and you throw your stuff in holes? As a last resort, consider visiting your garage: Maybe you have a fingernail thin enough to dislodge this stubborn little drawer!

Attention : Normally you have to go slow. Insert the tip completely vertically and push. Also, never use rusty, damaged tips in poor condition. In the hole of the cover you run the risk of breaking the nib and potentially leaving a piece of metal floating around on your smartphone’s motherboard (and in general, they don’t like it at all).

Do you have your own little trick that isn’t on this list? Feel free to explain them to us in the comments. We will update this file later so the whole community can finally stop looking for the SIM trap tool everywhere!