How to Manage Your Google Location History on Android

On Android, many apps take advantage of our location data. provide geolocation-related services where are we But even if you are aware of this information, it is often difficult to imagine what exactly the data collected by Google is because there is not enough information.

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Navigation software, GPS, messaging, many apps use geolocation for useful purposes (roughly speaking, to guide you in some way), but others use this data far less respectable goals (Targeted advertising etc. without their knowledge). Especially since localization is on or off by default on the Android side. But there are other possibilities.

Unless you take precautions, your device will default to Android follows you just in time. As a real spy, it periodically takes your location and takes the opportunity to add it to your personal history. We’ll explain how to access this head-spinning data.

When does Google save your location?

It’s impossible to talk about what’s in each app, so we’ve chosen to give you an overview of what’s happening at Google. The firm therefore uses your location as part of a guide on Google Maps, but in many other cases because Google Assistant needs it for you. show the right information at the right time. In general, Google services archive your location more or less frequently, unless configured otherwise by you.

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Actually, the data recovery interval will depend on your usage at that time. In the context of route guidance with the “exact” position setting, the data is then received many times per second. On the other hand, if you move on foot without asking for a GPS app, Google will get that data every minute at most.

Location Google Example Ping

In the example above, in the context of several trips to and around Paris, we can see that Google usually only saves two locations per hour (except for the time zone between 8pm and 9pm, without me I don’t know why). As you can tell, your location data more or less accurately captures your movements and lets you do it roughly. get an idea of ​​the routes Diary.

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How to export and clear location history

Now that you’ve learned the basics of localization by Google, let’s see how exploit key information. For this, there is a link that you can access from your computer by clicking here. Presumably, after entering your Google username and password, you will be able to access the interface presented in the previous screenshots.

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From there, various possibilities are available for you, we can explore history by date.location history, select defined periods. Thus, it is possible to rise to a very important Google localization scale. Everything is done with transparency here.

how to delete google location

To clear the history of an entire day, simply click on the “delete today’s history” option. a window, a delay before considering Changes to the existing interface. similarly, by clicking on “delete all history” it is possible to delete all points saved by Google. Very useful… in some cases.

Be careful, once you move in this direction there is no turning back. do it on purpose! If you only want to delete a few points, it is always possible to display the date and time and then manually select the points to delete. It stays in the end Possible to export in .KML By clicking on the “Export to Google KML” option to use this database elsewhere.

How to set location settings on your Android device?

If Google knows a lot about you from your travels, one of the points we always regret has to do with the opacity where its data is used on your Android smartphone or tablet. This settings exist but remain primitive. Once again, by default, everything is enabled, but it is possible to go to settings, then location to adjust some settings.

From there one overview of all apps It also uses the location function to disable it completely. The odds are not particularly good here. The famous “all or nothing” about it on Android. We’re also surprised that there are so few indicators in this submenu that would benefit from being enriched on multiple levels.

location google android settings

Along with listing the latest apps requesting geolocation, you should satisfy yourself with a comment on the topic.effect on energy consumption. That’s why battery alone seems worth a look in this menu, which might surprise more than one person. For example, with the possibility of eliminating the possibility of localization of an application on a case-by-case basis, this parameter, which is impossible to fine-tune, depends on the privileges of the application that you accepted at the time of installation. The solution we will see is through an additional application.

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It is still possible to navigate to the location history by swiping the second screen captured here. From there, you are free to disable or enable the regular recovery of your location as we saw in the previous section. This is a particularly sensitive function. If you turn it off, services like Google Assistant and the like may also not work for obvious reasons 🙂 .

How to Disable Geolocation Only for Certain Apps

There is definitely an excellent app to be able to remove the location of apps according to the situation. It’s even compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it needs a but because it needs a rooted device Already for various versions of Android. This point is unfortunately a prerequisite for taking advantage of the best settings.

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For bring you App Opps, go to Play Store from here. After installation and first run, you will be prompted to apply the module to the system and then reboot. Then it becomes possible to access the software interface and that’s where the serious stuff starts.

Localization Application Operations

You will then find yourself in front of the vehicle. By selecting the “Location” tab, you will find a summary of all applications using location authorization. From there, just tap on it (Messenger in the example here) and we’re ahead all necessary permissions by the application, the same as what we assumed at the time of installation.

However, the magic here is that it’s possible to disable accesses you don’t like on a per-app basis. Then it becomes possible to remove access to localization or remove other possibilities. However, keep in mind that if permission is requested in general, it means that it is required for the software to function properly. It might be good to disable too many settings to prevent an application from starting. Be careful.


We come to the end of this overview of Google localization. You should now be more familiar with how it works and how it can be done.fine-tune some parameters. Feel free to share your suggestions and other findings on this subject with us in the comments. We will not fail to update this file with the latest news in this field.