How to manage location history from your PCs and smartphones?

If you have a smartphone, you should know that Google can find you without much trouble. Know that information about your movements can be managed on your own, during this little tutorial we will provide you with tips for a spy thriller.

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To get started you need to make sure your Google account is secure, if not already you can enable two-factor authentication via an Android app like Google Authenticator. Is your account well protected? perfect.

Your smartphone usually transmits your GPS coordinates directly to your Google account. At regular intervals, your estimated approximate geographic location within a few meters therefore it is saved in a corner of your personal account. You can see this if you use Google Maps and enable Location options, a ping will be sent regularly every time you travel.

As screenshots of a colleague from Android Authority show, all 45 seconds a signal was sent. Thus, these saved coordinates allow us not only to analyze our routes ourselves, but also to the Mountain View firm to record the shortcuts taken by the traveler, which Google would not normally take into account. Our travels form his knowledge, especially in terms of travel time.

Historic Garden Location Education

Of course, the ping sent will be much less frequent when you stay in the same location. Let’s say every two hours if you stay at home and go out to your garden.

View, export or delete your location history

Go to the location history by clicking this address from your computer. That’s why you’ll have access to a map like Google Maps, except that the months are devoted to trips you can take.

Google location history

By clicking on the bottom left as above, enable or disable location history service. You can also go to the bottom right corner of your screen after consulting what you can do on a date or something. By clicking on the icon representing a gear, you can:

  • delete all history
  • Manage your personal addresses
  • Download a copy of your data
  • Show raw data
Google location history management

Otherwise, you can always click the trash can icon in the top left calendar to delete the daily information.

Check this location history from your Android device

With the development of Google applications such as Google Now, this location data necessary for their operation. In addition, we find it more appropriate to inform you about how to delete what you do not want to share.

Location History Tutorial

So if you want to manage this history from your smartphone, 36 solutions are not available for you, in any case, the simplest is to disable the main application in your Android terminal. It’s very simple for this:

  • see you later” Settings »
  • Then press ” Location »
  • Under Location Services, you should find “Location History”.
  • Here you can disable the service.
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Therefore, it is up to you to choose to delete the sending of information to Google. But keep in mind that there is no real solution to not being tracked, lots of people other than Google keep your contact information. Therefore, disabling and deleting this history of ours will not make it disappear from the radar (we’ve all seen on TV that a particularly simple SIM card is enough to find us). In short, let’s leave the paranoia here, hoping this little tutorial will be useful to you.

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